Checking in daily to help maintain focus


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Congrats on thoose 50 days :+1::muscle::muscle: im glad you made the choice to share litle of your story , that you speak here is a win for your self . Here on this forum dont judge .No one does . Be proud of yourself. There is room for everyone here,so much heart great bunch for sure .


Awesome! Congrats on 300!


Congrats on day 7! Yes it gets better. I’m at almost a year. You will have great days and not so great days. One of the best things is you will have your life back to experience all of it. Keep it up you’ve got this!


Checking in for the last time on here. I can’t tell you enough how great you guys are on here and I will miss this. The positive vibes in helping people’s sobriety is special and it’s amazing to see everyone on here fellowshipping and being their genuinely for others helping them out in their times of need. I wish you all the best and I truly believe everyone on here is on a great path and road to recovery! Take care and I love you all!


Hey my friend, where you off to? Wishing you all the very best, and the light will always be on for you here :hearts::bird:


TS will always be here if you ever decide to come back, your daily check ins and insights into your recovery are one of the many I enjoy reading. Keep strong and safe on your journey :slight_smile:


Checking in today with 430 days sober. Last week I was thinking how lucky it was that my city had only seen snow 3 times this winter. Should have known better as much of Vancouver Island is in chaos this afternoon with a few inches of snow. That’s ok, I actually like it and now I can test out the AWD capibilities on my new Acura. Life is good.


I have no desire to drink, but i do have a strong desire to isolate and hide out. I feel anxious, grumpy and paranoid. Day 103


I finally was able to screenshot one of those cool numbers. :nerd_face:


Day 2 sober. Really exhausted and sleepy. I hope to rest tonight otherwise this night is going to be hard


Wow Tom 73 days! Your first posts seem like yesterday and years away at the same time! Well done and congrats hun.

Also missed a check in yesterday and missed so much. So second your congrats to @Geo and @Lionfish
And @Enzo - that was some mad dream!! You sure you didn’t eat blue cheese before bed??


Sad to see you go buddy ,and i also understand .It’s ok . You have been a light here .Contributed so much , sharing and cared for us others here. The spot will be open :smiley: You are a inspiration to me .Thank you for you being you. I do wish you the best . You will not be forgotten but really missed. Stay Sharp, willing AND KEEP ON INSPIRE :smiley::pray::pray::pray: GOOD AND GREAT THINGS WILL BE AT YOUR PATH. THANK YOU BUDDY AND BE WELL :smiley::heart::pray::pray::pray:


I hope wherever you are going that you go well! :heart:


Hope you feel better @Buts. Sounds scary. Thinking of you.

Quick check in for day 42.
So… you lot are ace.
You up-lift me, inspire me and make me laugh (butter dishes - what??). You make me think, wonder and dig deep. Your encouragement works - and because you give it freely I want to say a massive thank you.
Now I’ve charmed you… beware, I’m going on holiday skiing friday & been fretting about keeping it together. Might need you!
Take the best care and stay wonderful.



The Alcoholics Anonymous book and the AA 12 steps and 12 Traditions


Day 199. The day was filled with softness and a swiftness in how I went about it. The quality of today was one to re-create. I’m journaling tonight to explore this amazing Monday! (Haha, yey, I have found a peaceful joyous first day of the week.) :heavy_heart_exclamation:



Aka our bible :raised_hands::pray: