Checking in daily to help maintain focus



Aka our bible :raised_hands::pray:


Today is a great day. Sleep is coming back on track. I had an amazing walk in the snow and fresh air. I was invited to hang out by someone I’m still getting to know, and was reluctant, but propelled myself forward and had a great time sharing music. I’ve got time to line up some housing options for next month, tidy up, and spend some time winding down for the night.

Two thumbs up for all you sober humans out there! :smiley:


Congrats Lea!!! So happy 4 U!!! :100:+:100:+:100:= 300!!! You are a huge inspiration to me and your posts help keep me motivated. Keep on keeping on!!!
You’re rocking this thing! :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Happy 200-eve! Keep rocking it, Mel! You’ve come so far!!! :+1::+1::+1:


@Quitter02 Congrats on 40!!! Huge accomplishment! Keep it up & stay strong!


Haven’t done that since 2015


Checking in on end of day 158. I had an awesome weekend. Drove to Pittsburgh to visit my daughter at college. It’s heartwarming to see her thriving there and I even met her boyfriend! A truly nice guy! I also visited other relatives in the area that i typically only see at weddings and funerals. Great trip!

Snow day today and that used to be a big trigger for my drinking. But today it didn’t even cross my mind. I feel very strong in my sobriety, but I know I can’t get complacent. Looking forward to reaching the 6 month mark in a few weeks.

Stay strong everyone!


Hello all!

I hit a month today. I told everyone I was doing dry January to make it seem more ‘chill’ that I’m not drinking. But I know that I have signs and tendencies of an alcoholic and can truly see my life transforming already after only a month of cutting it out.

I cant believe how many people are on here and how much love and support there is. I’m spending my extra $$$ on personal training and am finding it easier to say ‘no’ to other things I dont want or need in my life.
This is me happy and sober at a concert!
Not only is the not drinking great (no drinkers remorse) but this side affect of being able to say no to other things (even just dates :joy:) is incredibly powerful as well.


Day 199. I was gifted a starter violin set. :open_mouth: Been looking forward to getting home all day. So different from guitar and always wanted to learn.

Never played, but no fretting about it…


Thanks for the reminder to live in the moment!


Day 145 - Quick check in


I see what you did there lol


Damn @Eke you are so witty I love it :raised_hands: :raised_hands:


Here I thought that one would fall flat.

(grats on three hundo, yo!)


I will hit 38 days sober of alcohol and cigarettes in a matter of hours.

Today was great, but one of those days I was doing a million things at once and didn’t finish any. I did do a bit of laundry, a little bit of cleaning, had some great time with my kids and ate a little bit of really delicious chocolate.

I finished the day with the same trend and donated a “little bit” of blood because it clotted as I was donating. I was a little bummed, there wasnt even enough for a donation. But - the chair was comfy and won’t let it deter me from trying again next time.

Hoping everyone had a great start to their week.


Checking in sober…thank you everyone on the well wishes (good wishes?) I’m humbled and grateful, you all made my day :pray: :heart:


I played the violin for a few years when I was younger (I moved to another state and across the Pacific and stopped after that). I always wanted to play again. Not sure my neighbors would hold the same sentiment.

Thank you :blush:


Hello all,

It was a long and stressful day, but I wake up to Day 200 tomorrow! Hurray!



2 sick kids home all week from school means sleep depreviation, clingy kids and I can’t go in to do my study for the new course I started last week. Feeling frustrated. Tired and frustrated. But that’s ok because the last thing on my mind is wanting a drink. And that in itself is a miracle. Here’s to a strong and sober Tuesday everyone :raised_hands: