Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Thank you!!! Finding it easier as time goes on.


Lol, good for you! Yes I used the dry January excuse also, little do they know I meant it for more than just that.


…what a long day… However, Day 8 is complete. Here’s to a better tomorrow haha


54days today. Feeling grateful. Next doctors appointment in 2 weeks from now. Hope everything ist alright with He Baby.
Husband found a new Job neaby my parents and WE will most probably move There in the Summer.
Also we are about to buy a House There.
So many Things happening… Incredible.


Well it’s really big anyway :joy::grinning:


Aw, @goBlue24 I’m really going to miss you on here. I wish the best for you


6 weeks ago today, I took what was for me a leap of faith, to stop drinking, and learn to live with just myself and I am so so grateful to you all for your support in getting me here. To many more days, weeks and months!


Checking in at day 8! I’m amazed I got this far honestly!!! I’m feeling super good! Today was long and I had to walk about 5 miles in total to get to a doctors appointment then after a meeting. But I feel so alive, I’m loving the adrenaline! Anyway, have a great sober night everyone!!! :heart: :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee:


No I didn’t but I eat it quite often. We have this amazing finnish blue cheese called Aura. It has been imported to states under name Midnight Blue by Valio’s import company Finlandia Cheese but not sure if that’s still a thing. Well more for me :grin:


Morning! Day 23 sober. Week until 30 day tag! Saw new relapse dream, this time 100% less dairy products :grin: I was in a filthy spa where I tried to find places where I could take temgesic with excuse it’s so mild it ain’t drug. Eventually I was ashamed and reseted my counter. Damn I miss floating in that timeless, black void all nights. Dreams suck :grin:



Today I choose to live in my truth :butterfly:

Have a positive day all :open_hands:


Day 148,
Still sick. Had a rought night with not much sleep. But I just ate something and that’s a win :grinning:


Hope you’re feeling better soon girl!


I play the violin, well played…my first lessons were taught by a lady who played in the Charlie Daniel’s band.


Walking into day 23 like booom no booze or cigs for last 23 days and feeling good for it. Had a gas boiler check today while the guys were doing their thing I jumped on my exercise bike squeaking pedals made them chuckle when they walked out the kitchen. Peace and love to all my recovery friends on here x


Day 3 sober
“ I don’t care how low you sunk or what you have done, you can come out of this. There is hope for total freedom for this."

*- Michael Leahy, Founder of the [Restored Virtual Summit]
I believe I can do it. I see goodness within me


I pray for your recovery friend. :kissing_heart::rescue_worker_helmet::dog::dog::dog::dog::dog::cherry_blossom::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass::milk_glass::doughnut:


Same same for me today. Nothing to do but get it done, though! :+1:


Day 80. Putting up my best defenses against this cold. Here’s hoping whatever is coming, is gone within a week, as I’m not trying to be sick for the show next week.

Today’s song is “Cross Salute” from Falling Forward. Melodic mid-90s hardcore band from Louisville. One of my favorites from this era.


Day 446.
My mom has been gone now over a month.That reality is just starting to hit me and it is devastating. My desire to drink it away isn’t there and that is amazing. What a gift to be sober during her passing and now in grief. Feeling it all is absolutely crushing but I’m finding peace in knowing I’m processing this event and not pushing it to the back of my brain to cause myself and family more trauma and pain at a later date.
I will say I’ve had several urges to take pills which is odd because I’ve never had an addiction to them or a desire to take them. I’ve found myself dreaming of sleepiness and that comforting numb.