Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hello all,

Day 228 checking in. Happy Tuesday everyone!



Weird, I have an Galaxy S8 and still no unicorn. I have even have the mythical creature pack.

:fairy:‍♀ :mermaid:‍♀ :mage:‍♂ :genie:‍♂ :woman_zombie:

Which includes Faeries, Mermaids, Gandalf, Geanie and the Ring.


Or all of us in early recovery lol


:unicorn::fox_face::elephant::chipmunk::goat::owl::crocodile::cow2: I’ve got a samsung s7 and I have a unicorn in with my animals


Thank you @aircircle, your to kind :hugs: :heart:


Holy Unicorn!!! :unicorn: I found it! It’s a different color in my emoji list, its white.


Indeed! I sure felt like I was “gonna die in 7 days”. But alas, I didn’t. Need a Tshirt that says, “I went through detox and all I got was sober”.


Whoop whoop @Ac1z3k @Dasindog I do have a :unicorn: on my laptop, not on my phone :wink: ! :tada::confetti_ball::balloon:


:rofl: I wanted to write…curls but not dreadlocks…we think the same…scary…:crazy_face::crazy_face:


Day 436
Phew…what a day. I should sleep now but I can’t, I texted for 2,5 hours with a guy I met online and my head is in a positive “alarm mode” lol.
He was very open with me about his depression he’s dealing with and I was open about my alcohol addiction. Well we have a date on thursday :wink: I want to learn to not just be focused on how ppl look, if they have the perfect body…you know what I mean. I want to be accepted how I am, with all my imperfections. So I have to learn to accept others with all their imperfections too (he’s overweight).
We’ll see.
Time to shower now and then Zzzzzz.
I hope you had a beautiful sober day friends :kissing_heart:


How exciting @Kintsugi! I hope it goes well :slightly_smiling_face: If you need any advice on what NOT to do I’m here (haha) :joy::joy::unamused::upside_down_face:


That’s great! Good luck on Thursday! Have an awesome time. :hugs:


Day 3, 1 hour, 45 min

Went to the restaurant with friends. They had wine. I did not. I’m so proud. :metal:

I could smell the wine and I did not even like it…Allen Carr is working I guess :grin:


Day #4
One day at a time :muscle:


I hope I don’t fuck it up


Aww you won’t. Just be yourself.


There is the possibility of a nearby city or even to start a project in other country. As soon as know more I will let you know. Somehow I am excited with the possibility of a change but another part of myself is afraid


Day 4.
Constantly tired and stomach doesn’t feel great, but staying hydrated and eating good stuff, little and often.
Night sweats are ‘interesting’!
A little strange…but glad I’m going through this, as it’s proving the drinking needed to stop and my body is trying to recover.
Onwards and upwards!


Day 4 sober. Tired and sick still with a cold. I resist going to the doctor but if this is maintained I should go.


If it’s exciting but scary, maybe it’s a good thing? Getting clean is about learning to live with discomfort. Sounds like a good opportunity.