Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Well good luck and prayers for the decisi pi n ahead of you


Great attitude :slightly_smiling_face: Your mind, body and heart will thank you later. Hope you start feeling better soon.


Day 36 is in the bag. Living life, loving life! :v:t2:


Nah, I’m not that kinda girl.


You can also type out a unicorn by surrounding the word “unicorn” with colons :slight_smile: :unicorn:


A bit o motivation from Jocko for those times we lament our days lost to our addictions


Checking in after a great day! All the cleaning, all the errands, exercise, practiced my Russian, and had better than average cooking results at dinner (which isn’t saying much, lol).

Tomorrow can be even better, wouldn’t that be great?


I caved. Day 16. Got off work after 9 hours, had to go to grooming client, 4hrs show groom, she always offers wine, last time i told her I quit and I took one glass.
I Need the extra income, plus I’m the only show groomer in the Southeast, so I never turn down my regulars even during the week.
My fault, my weakness, one glass I’ve been able to do many times. But I know where it leads sometimes. Can I be a sometimes alcoholic…nope. Sometimes I go full blackout, sometimes, depending on company I can do 2 an entire night.
I felt so guilty, shamed. I got home (hr drive anywhere in ATL) and I wanted to puke. I’m so disappointed in myself. Sometimes I can be a blackout drinker sometimes I can have just one. but I’m still an alcoholic.
I was so proud of myself Until today. Hour drive home, one glass…im trying this by myself, no family or friends near.
I am an alcoholic.

  1. I want chocolate, maybe dark chocolate.

I’ve been really inspired by your posts lately @Ifs (nothing to do with chocolate, just thought I’d tell you)


It’s incredibly hard to do on your own. Have you considered trying AA? You don’t have to do this alone x


Never say never. I actually saw him once. It was a free concert on.the beach in Helsinki. But bcs i was wasted i only remember his white t shirt and jeans and that he was small as a gnome (!)


I think i will have to try. No family near, and very little family at that. My son is grown, friends have lives family, not teally close, distant. I tried to do it by myself. Being completely alone is harder than i thought because I lose my own arguments smh


Checking in from my bath again. It’s getting weird but whatever.
Tuesday was day 5, and it was good.
Training help.
Keeping myself busy helps.
TS help.
And baths helps.
Wondering when the sweats will stop though (I could’ve change my t shirt 4 times today it would have made no difference)


You sound quite serious to me. This is a good opening. People who can handle alcohol dont pass out. And youve understood it. 16 days is an awesome start. You might benefit from aa or related. I have :slight_smile: :+1:


Nothing to lose by trying and the potential to gain everything! Sobriety, support and friendships… AA gave me back my life and made it better than I thought possible x


I am very independent, but ruined 2 relationships with binge drinking…my insecurities
It is very hard for me being an introvert to go to a meeting. I have researched, know when, where the meetings in my area are.
i can go for weeks without a a drink but when I get iffy… my dad was alcoholic. So am I when i cant control many times.
I am an alcoholic.


Haha, hey, if the baths help then by all means! :bath:

Congratulations on 5 days and finding relief! I also have 5 days today :blush:


Haha love the consistency!


66 - fun fact - Our family has reduced our waste to putting out less than a 3rd of what we would previously have for garbage. This even includes recycled plastic/cardboard, etc. (don’t even talk about bottles and cans - we use a SodaStream for fizzy water, so there is next to nothing in that category now.) My kids are passionate about the environment, so we have been consciously making a lot of changes everywhere possible - it has almost became similar to a fun game, and getting better every week. Pretty amazing to see little ones inspire others to be better (myself included.)


Just to tell you that im pretty introverted myself too. Im talkative but if i dont know people im like moai. And i sweated like a pig before going to my first meeting. Sometimes still do.
You dont have to talk there. You dont have to stay & mingle after the meeting. You dont have to do anything else than be present.
The warmness, solidarity and community you get there is just :gem:

Edit day 156 now.i never could have done it this far on my own. Believe, iv tried.