Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I was so filled with fear, embarrassment, shame etc when I first started going to meetings. Many are. I also am very introverted and hate trying new things that involve other people, and step out of my comfort zone??? Yeah no thanks! BUT if what you’re doing now isn’t working for you and you do have a desire to stop, then you may need to consider trying something else. I began by arriving literally 1 minute before the meetings started and then making a quick exit right on finish. I also sat and just listened in the beginning and politely declined if asked to share. It does get easier. Wish you well x


I might add - I thought I was doing an okay job before, but what we have cut back on is just astounding! And all of us as a family all chime in on better alternatives when buying food. Doing some projects with my 7 year olds to maximize our success with every day items.


Hey! Your post is dragging up my desire to be a less wasteful consumer. Is there any chance you could post some material on what you did to minimize waste? It would be greatly appreciated :pray:t2:


There is a lot of great info online, youtube, etc. I would love to share what has helped us cut back the most. Always opting to buy unpackaged or unwrapped produce, buying baking/snacking/oils etc. in bulk and bringing our own containers to refill (also saves money, because you aren’t paying for packaging)… always keep cloth bags and a thermos in the vehicle. There are a few things we have not been able to find alternatives for… milk and cheese… and yogurt… basically all dairy things are in plastic. Maybe a coincidence that this year, dairy is no longer a staple in the food guide. A lot of people are much more extreme, great info online. Hoping to make much more progress - and we are eating and living so much healthier.


It’s literally 5/5 right now :joy:


Day 228. :deer:
Dear sober friends, I’m taking a break from T$. Initially motivated with my difficulty in reading and offering support on TS, it now just feels instinctively right for reasons not coming to surface.
My recovery journey started in Al-Anon, and my recovery path can get difficult when I come across stories too close to a childhood home. I struggle with shares in AA too. They don’t drive me to drink, they create strong physical manifestations of fear/grief and honestly, feeling sick. It’s all about me, it belongs to me.
I’m working on healing, and being able to offer deeper compassion. I’m not there, not able. It comes with time, and I most definitely have a solid plan to support my process (therapy, AA, yoga, meditation & Buddhist philosophy to guide my way to HP). It’s fun, it’s solid. I don’t know how long this break will be, but longer than I have tried to go. I guess I wanted to share, I care about this community.

Be sober :purple_heart:


Thanks! I’m encouraged to hear that. :slight_smile:


You will be so so missed when you are away! Do what you need to do, we’ll be around to welcome you back if/when you desire to do so :slight_smile:


Day 105 for me…

@liv_m a quote from Buddha:

“There are only two mistakes one can make along the road to truth; not going all the way, and not starting.”

Best wishes on your journey and the road to truth. You will be missed around these parts. Sincerely, Tom


How exciting! Hope it goes well! Do keep us posted :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is exactly how it was with me, I felt wretched, and I still remind myself that all these uncomfortable physical feelings were a strong message that if I didn’t do something about it, there would be so much worse to come. This doesn’t last long - horrible to endure but so worth it! Good things are waiting for you on the other side.


Day 71 and my morning headaches have resurfaced. This can’t still be PAWS can it? Otherwise, all is well enough. I’ll miss you @liv_m but you must absolutely do what is right for you. @WCan, you’re doing great and you’re putting a whole new meaning into the phrase ‘getting clean’ :bath: :iphone::joy:


Good luck @liv_m, i hope you find your solutions and peace.
Good night to D204 and all you sober peeps…


Goodmorning everyone! Have to go to work, so just wanted to check day 17 (wow…time flies when having fun :wink: ) in and wish you all a good and smart day! :unicorn: :rainbow:


Sending some :heart: :heart: :heart: for thursday @Kintsugi. I hope you have a great date! :two_hearts: And no, you won’t fuck it up :hugs: Just be YOU!
I hope you are feeling well soon @Bomdhil, take your rest!
I wish you well @liv_m :heart: Thank you for being around. Take all the time you need. Hope to see you back and if not I wish you a happy sober life.


@liv_m Best of luck. Keep it up and stay strong


Day 177 has started :coffee:
Tired of working a lot lately. So didn’t went to the rehearsel last night but went to bed early instead. Hope my co worker is feeling better tomorrow so I can enjoy my day off. Fingers crossed :smirk: :crossed_fingers:


Day 17…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Have a wonderful day all :yellow_heart:


See ya later Mel. Stay safe my friend!