Checking in daily to help maintain focus


On day four loves. So glad Spring is almost here. The smell of flowers blooming will no doubt help me on my journey. Nature helps cure ones soul. Much love everyone. :alien::v::revolving_hearts:


36 days, seems like i wasted so much time on this crap. Kind of stupid if a relapse now.


That is my thinking.
I have worked damn hard to get to 132 days!!
Why should I have to start again?
What has alcohol got that I haven’t got now?


I will miss reading your insights here. Good luck on your journey, I’ll be here if and when you come back lady❤️ om mani padme hum sister


67 - Enjoying my coffee after a better than usual sleep. Off to start the day. Mommy and me swim at the local pool today. Going to check that out with my baby boy and pretend it’s summer for an hour. Have a fantastic Wednesday, everyone.


congrats 132 days bro, that is not easy to do, dont relapse, life might seem boring some days but the peace is so worth it. Alcohol was my best friend but damn did it get me into so much trouble. Life is so much better without alcohol.


I hear ya completely!
No chance this monkey’s gonna ever drink again. Today I’m guarding my sobriety totally.:sunglasses:


12 days days :grinning::pray:.Hope everyone has a Great Sober Day!!!


@Peace12 wow we can say I took i « getting clean » seriously to the first level lol. Headaches after 71 days, for me when I was there it happens some times even past 4 months, but I realized that normal people have some time headaches too … for many reasons I wouldn’t think it still paws… can be just deshydratation , lack of sleep, nutrition. I wouldn’t worry to much if I was you :slight_smile: except if it’s getting worse you know. Good day !!


Day 18. Killed the gym this morning. Went crazy on my deadlifts, and ended up adding five pounds to my previous PR. Band practice tonight. PMA!!!

Have a strong day!!!


Being out in nature is so grounding and where I find peace in my mind and clarity in my thinking :leaves::deciduous_tree::evergreen_tree::hibiscus::green_heart:


Exactly! I use to hike lots because being out in nature is my happy place. I miss hiking and taking photos. I plan to get back into it. :blush::heart:


Checking in this morning because I’m grateful. I just woke up earlier on this day 6 because I’m about to hit the gym, go to my outpatient therapy, then lunch with my mom I haven’t seen in a while due to my drinking. All my stuff was ready from the day before so I can take a moment here, relaxing with my coffee. I am grateful for the energy and clarity I already have after only 6 days.

Wanted to share that I opened my emails this morning and saw I was accepted to make a conference in Denmark :denmark: in June. I wasn’t expected to be accepted. Was so self deprecating since my last relapse.

But today, I’m grateful.
Wish you guys a good Wednesday :slight_smile:


I’m exactly the same! I have a 1.5yr old full time now so its been pushed to the side and I’ve missed it SO much but now he is getting older, it will be easier for me to get back out there! Enjoy!


Hey @Storm i hope all is well​:smiley::smiley: I used to hike too. You just prompted me that those were the better days for me. When the weather get better, i will join you in restarting my walks!


one day at a time brother.


Thank you love! Excited for you to get back at it too. I have two boys ages 3 and 6. I feel ready to get back at the things I love. :blush:


371: Happy hump day! Have an awesome sober day my friends.


Thank you so much darlin. Well on day four again but I’m committed to stick on my path of sobriety this time. No going back. I’m doing better today then I was a few days ago. How are you love? Good walking is excellent! I’m afraid I’ve slacked on excercise for quite some time. I need to get back at it as it truly helps my mental and physical well being. We got this. :heart:


Day 368

I found these quotes this week and I wanted to share because I found them super useful for me so someone else may too! :heart: