Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 5.
Aching. And v tearful. Drove past the off licience on the way home from work, been a stressful day, and would usually have called in.
Sat here with a glass of sparkling flavoured water. Grumpy, but sober


Checking In: Taking a 7 day (minimum) break from coffee and energy drinks alongside a cleanse I started 5 days ago. So today is day 5 no coffee :crazy_face: (F that right?). The goal was to switch to a healthier alternative (green tea), consume less caffeine and hopefully sleep better. Well I’m not sleeping better and I don’t know if it’s the cleanse or lack of stimulants overwhelming my nervous system, which in return helps me sleep lol. I’ve been off work though and was able to take a nap today :ok_hand: I will complete my goal of 7 days at least. Only two days left if I decide to go back to coffee, which I will lol. Hope everyone had a wonderful Wednesday…


Checking in. I slept past my alarm and had a nightmare that included a false awakening causing me to believe it was going to be real forever for what seemed like days. Then I accidentally crushed the corner of my phone, all my weight delivered through my heel, compressing it against linoleum covered concrete.

But I am still happy and calm, and it is still a good day. The dream is over, and it is only a phone. I didn’t lose any of me, which is improving day by day. It is beyond refreshing how I’m able to handle things better than I ever could drinking.

  1. Should have been a miserable day of work. I have a job, I am alive, I am sober. With recovery comes serenity, perspective, peace. Oh, and my feet stink. Added 1 more day today.


669 - nearly on to 670 - going by my sober date 13th May 2017, I’m 22 months sober today :grinning:.

I never thought this could be possible for me and looking back I am just so grateful I gave in and sought help to find a new direction for my life.

It is the best thing I have ever done. What ever stage you are at, know that it is so worth it.

Stay strong and stay sober.


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 229.



Finishing out day 4. Had a great session with my therapist last night, where we came up with some options for working through some of my past / ongoing issues. I got a solid workout in today, and a restful eight hours sleep last night. Looking forward to finishing out my shift, heading home to the family and spending some quality time at home for dinner tonight. Feeling full of joy today, I hope everyone has a great sober Wednesday.


Edit: I just posted that I had 500 day which isn’t the case. Today is 460 days. I logged in from my tablet which had the wrong amount of days on it. Sorry guys, wasn’t trying to be misleading.


We are almost twins too. I’m 11/2/17. I’m pretty sure I’m close to 500


Awesome - as you should be!


Well done sir!


Day 4. I got through to your first three days which is, for me, sometimes the most challenging. Keep the going everyone!


Day one today… not giving in this time.


We don’t shoot our wounded Jenni.

Get back to the meeting and get that house alcohol free. I’m sure your husband will understand :slightly_smiling_face:

You’ve got this


Day 251 or 252 not sure without skipping back.

Mood all over the place today and beating myself up for silly stupid things, like really stupid. Overslept and missed my alarm and it took my daughter to wake me up at 8am to get ready for school. Felt like such a shit dad :pensive:

Tried to get my arse in gear but did the very bare minimum to get through the day, stared at my gym gear all day and didn’t go. More regrets.

Lazed around this evening, ate shite and watched football. Now lay in bed realising what a waste of a day it was.

Tomorrow will be better. I’ll also not attempt to tackle the day with my old thinking as it evidently gets me nowhere. Need to remember I have a program to live life by these days. And when I work that program to the best of my ability. Life is usually pretty fucking awesome.

Stay sober folks :+1:


Hey there, you will be welcomed back with open arms. Go to the meeting. Get a white chip and ask for some women’s numbers. They will be delighted to receive you and they will love you unconditionally and without judgment. I promise :hearts:


I messed up. Just had to edit my original post. Today is 460 for me not 500.



Blimey, so much has happened in 3 days since my last check-in. Shmokin pigs, tours of the US, crap days, great days, bath days, amazing quotes to keep us inspired, masses of support and a healthy dose of challenge. You lot are ace. Congrats to everyone stacking up another day.

So day 71 and all good - ish. I got through my graduation Monday and now I’m at a conference which would have been a big session ‘networking’. I’m in bed chilling but know loads of people are getting smashed a few floors from me and it does grate a bit. Reading your posts has made me feel much better. Thank you. Xxx


Hey guys, earlier I posted the wrong day count giving myself more sober days than I really had. Sorry for the confusion. Just wanted to stay accountable.