Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day #1
keep hope alive


We all just got today!


Checking in at day 9. My sleep schedule has been all over the place again. But on the plus side, I had a job interview today at a local coffee shop and another tomorrow at a starbucks here in town too! So while I’m sleep deprived, I’m not doing too bad! Hope everyones hanging in there!!! Stay strong :heart::honeybee:


Hello friends… checking in. Not much to report… sober life is the only life for me. Wishing you all well.


Horrible picture from Day 8! Went to a French restaurant for happy hour and asked the bartender to make me a mocktail. My boyfriend, who was drinking beer, decided my drink was better than his and routinely stole sips.


Day 5 sober. All the day out of home, traveling. I am exhausted but sober


@Buts thank you so much. You are so kind. I am still sick but I keep working :face_with_head_bandage:


Wow don’t think I could (want) make it :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
How bad was the headache the first days ?? And for the sleep, I’ve been concentring my caffeine consumption before 1-2PM … maybe you could try that after


Same - I drink a ton of coffee,but usually stop at 2 pm or my sleep is wrecked.


So day 6 is ending, to be original, in my bath lol. One big step done today in my research, and managed to hit 2 workouts. It’s almost weird that I have to much energy. But I guess eating well, sleeping well and not drinking does that to people. Still depress as the sun goes down though.

I’m seeing a lot of 4 to 8-10 days people these days. What’s happening in March that I don’t know about ? Was it spring break? Not real questions, just dumb observation. Maybe it’s always like that and I never noticed. Anyways , good sober night or day to you guys.


Congrats on another victory. 8-10 days seems like such a short period of time at face value, but we all know how difficult just making it to double digits can be. I wish you well on your journey…keep that positive flow.


Way to go!!!


I know, right? Tea just isn’t the same as coffee either… I had a dull headache the first three days, but that’s about it. Oh and I’m not sleeping :sweat_smile: I am though, just having a hard time falling asleep :woman_shrugging:


Have you tried magnesium? I take the powdered version, mix with hot water and drink right before bed. Lots of benefits for your body. Just be warned, it’s a little hard on your stomach and you need to work up to the recommend dose.


Yes! Thank you :blush:


Whoops, checked my time.
Checking in day 6.
Had a good day till recently. Been keeping busy and staying clean. Happy until just now. Now I’m kinda sad but I’m going to go back to the gym workout and sweat in the sauna!
Seeing a good friend today was nice. I don’t think I’ll get to see him again before rehab so it was really nice to get together and it will be great to see him when I get out of rehab clean and sober and hopefully in a better mental state of mind :blush:.


Day 172. First day of work today, was good. But the highlight was how my son turned me on to Podcasts. Since I am commuting 80 miles each way, I have plenty of time of alone time and I’m burnt out on music. By my son’s recommendation, I downloaded “Podcast Player” (android) and subscribed to a few sobriety podcasts. Listened to a couple on the way to and from work; lots of gold in these podcasts.

I took a screenshot of the 3 I subscribed to.


Thank you for sharing this, Dan! I’ve been listening to audiobooks lately and would like to listen to something different from time to time.

So dumb question… how do you listen to Podcasts on iPhones? :thinking:


I’m sure that same app is on iOS, go to the app store and just seach for “podcast”. This particular one, you can search and subscribe, stream or download for offline listening.

This is some next level shit! I was previously limited to youtube and music content, the breadth of content in audio format is so much greater!


Half way thru day 18. Thought I was due for a check in :slight_smile:
Feeling alot better today, seems I’ve been able to at least temporarily give ole Negative Nancy the boot. Think it had been weighing on me heavily that if I hadn’t had that 1 night of slipping up I’d now be at 64 days instead of 16… BUT enough of looking backwards as that’s not where I’m heading! I’ve realised that for me, it’s important not to focus too much on the number of days but to just celebrate each and every day because ultimately it’s TODAY that counts the most x