Checking in daily to help maintain focus


How about this…
Your 63/64 days sober? Lol


Haha yes I have been looking at it that way also… Almost felt like wanting to revert to being a child and stamping my foot in protest at the damn reset button and in a whiney voice demand “but it was only 1 night… can’t I just pleeeeease turn the timer back 1 day???” Oh who am I kidding I DID say that in my head :joy::joy:


On a serious note though, the reset has made me truly appreciate and want these 18 days :slight_smile:


Day 72 and all is well. Some real triumphs being logged across the posts on this thread since I last checked in so well done to y’all. I don’t have much to say for myself this morning but I am glad to be here, sitting quietly, just being among you all.


Day 28, and my counter turned over to one month! I kept looking at it, puzzled, and I realized, oh yeah, it is based on the calendar month. I started this journey on February 13th (AKA Valentine’s Eve) and be darned, it’s the 13th again! Reminds me of a coffee mug my former mother in law gave me. On one side, “Want to know how you can be proud of me every day?” On the other, “Lower your expectations!” :hugs: It’ll be strange to be at 29 days tomorrow and still have the counter say one month… feels like cheating! Hope ev’rybody is having a fine and sober night!


Have a good day beautiful warriors :open_hands:


Checking out on day 205. Goodnight and good wishes to all of you…be well.


7 days 8 hours, good to read all your posts,…I am now going to the Motivation thread to see what @butch has put as thought of the day :rainbow::ok_hand::ok_hand:


Heading your way to 3 weeks @Bob123!! 🤸 :facepunch:
And allmost 2 weeks in your pocket for you @Thumper1213! :tada:
I hope you had a great lunch with your mom @WCan, she would be glad to hear you are sober.
You are a great inspiration @Yoda-Stevie! Thank you for your contributions to this forum. I really appreciate your wise words.
@Mtrav0040 congratulations with your 6 months milestone!! :tada: :facepunch: :heart:
Sorry to hear @Jenni but glad you could stop after a few sips. My husbans still drinks now and then. I asked him to put the bottles out of my sight. And het know I don’t drink so he would never ask me if I would like to. So maybe you could make an agreement with yours too?
Congratulation @Coert!! :facepunch: :facepunch:
:hushed: Aaaarchhhh! Some mornings are just **** @Ifs. Glad you are still calm, I wouldn’t be :blush:
You made me laugh @Thirdmonkey! :joy: :rofl: Get those feet under a shower! :sunglasses:


22 months @NewPerspective :open_mouth: Wow! Respect!!
Thank you for sharing, that’s a great example for many of us!
I keep my fingers crossed for you @Betterbee! :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:
I listen to Recovery elevator too sometimes @Dasindog. I have never find a Dutch podcast about quiting alcohol. I don’t know if they exist. I’m going to try the other ones you shared, thank you :+1:
Congratulations @Bootz! A month is a month! And I :heart: the quote on your mug!! :heart_eyes:
Congratulations with your week sober @Hazy! Well done! 🤸 🤸 🤸


Funny, my son (14 years old and gay) also recommended me the day before yesterday to listen postcasts…a dutch one about feminism.


I’m also searching for dutch podcasts about recovery if I find one I’ll let you know!


Gooooooodmorning this morning! Feeling great, no weird dreams :crazy_face: , day off and full of energy despite the grey and rainy weather! Day 18 btw!!! :grin: Have a great and smart day everyone! :kissing_heart:


Day 18…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 19. I have a rotten cold but everything else is good. Half way through the Alan Carr book. Big challenge this weekend as Im going to a gig. I know I won’t drink tho. Hope you all have a great day👍


Checking in day 133.
Feeling of achievement today. I’ve made this

It’s a concrete finial for a brick pier.
I made the mold out of ply.
Yesterday it went in and as I was doing it I was full of anxiety as I have not done this sort of thing before. Am I doing it right? Is it the right mix? Etc. Etc.
But this is it. I did a little victory dance.
Just got to leave it to dry fully and cuss the damn things too bloody heavy for me to lift.
Have a good one everyone! :joy::joy::joy:


Absolutely beautiful work, man! There is nothing quite like the feelings of pride and accomplishment you get from making or building something with your own hands and then seeing a fantastic end result like this.

That was my favorite thing about working with my Dad (he’s a contractor). At the end of every single day, I could point at something tangible and say, “yeah, I did that”. I get to do it with stuff around my house now, when I build or fix something. Its a great feeling.

Would love to see more of what you build in the future. Congrats on day 133 buddy!


Day 153 - Alcohol.
Day 1 + 5.5 hours - Sweets.

I never had a sweet tooth and then it hit me hard after giving up the booze. I was pretty comfortable to just roll with it for the first 5 months, now I think I am ready to start trying to get a grip on it. Last night was unexpectedly hard and I had to pull out ALL my sobriety tools to get through the evening without raiding the half a cake in my fridge. Good old addict mind at work “you don’t want to waste that cake”, “you can give it up after you eat that cake”, “you CAN’T throw it out!”.

After I realised I was in a place of familiar obsession and counting minutes, I realised I knew what to do: I reached out to sober friends (thanks @MandiH and @Ac1z3k :slight_smile:), ate something else (frozen blended banana), did a yoga video, brushed my teeth, wrote a gratitude list, and went to bed early.

Growing up in sobriety and immersing myself in recovery teaches me how to better manage life in all areas. Have a great, sober day everyone! :hearts::snowflake::bird:


Yes buddy it certainly is. Makes it all worth it when it goes right.


I’m starting to think the same way. Bout time I stopped eating so much chocolate.
As you say, if we can do alcohol chocolate should be treated in the same way.:smile: