Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I just reset my sugar day counter for the ? th time. Yesterday I couldn’t resist the chocolat eastern eggs :blush: So I’m in with you, trying to get rid of the sugar thing @aircircle ! :facepunch:


Maybe this a good alternative! It helped me losing 25 kg of weith a few years ago to eat less carbs.

Maybe more a Foodies unite item :wink: Foodies Unite!


On day 5. :heart:


Very true. So happy to hear you’re feeling better.:heart:


Day 11. A couple of days ago I had a new insight that works really well for me and thought, it wouldn’t hurt to share it with you all. So I thought really hard why I had to drink everyday, and the more I thought about that, the less I could think of a good, solid reason. Like a little kid, I kept asking myself: but why did you need a drink every single day? Answers were like: to unwind, to relax, because I earned it. After repeating the 'yes, but why?-question over and over again, I came to the conclusion I had no good reason so something else made me drink (now I think I know why but that’s a whole other story).
Then I tried to come up with the benefits or the pleasure alcohol gave me and for how long. I discovered that the nice effects of drinking lasted 3 maybe 4 hours, cuz I can’t be drunk having a toddler in the house who’s sleeping then, but still… And what exactly are the negative after effects and how long does that take? Answer is whole freaking day. That means I have a cloudy head, put all my energy to fight tiredness, dealing with feelings of guilt, shame (cost a lot of energy too). So 4 hours of ‘pleasure’ for fake reasons costs me 9 to 10 hours to deal with it. Its just not worth it!

I’m so happy I made this decision, still don’t know if its forever, but we’ll see.
Curious what insights sticked with you during your recovery!


Thank You @Buts.Made me smile :smiley:!!13Days .Hope Everyone Has A GREAT SOBER DAY :pray::v:


I was doing this for a bit with the sweets, too. I never had a sweet tooth, but have always stashed away dark chocolate. When I read how common the new found love for sweets was, I started buying extra dark… like 90% and keeping it in the freezer. Lasts me forever, because I only eat a square… (unlike the the insane amount of milk chocolate or ice cream I could eat🤔)… and it is too bitter for my kids, so they won’t steal it from me!


164 days. Been dealing with stomach “ulcer-like” pain due to too much ibuprofen too close together; happened once before and it felt like my stomach was being ripped apart and eating itself so it’s super fun.

But on the bright side, 2nd trimester of school is almost in the books and I have an actual gig set up over the summer to play with a friend and my boyfriend. It’ll be my first actual gig since 2014 and the first one wver with my boyfriend. I’ve gotten up to sing one or two songs before during his gigs with other people but this time it’ll be the real deal. I miss performing, and everyone keeps asking me when I’m going to start up again so I’m super excited and cannot wait!!


Day 370.

Yesterday I finally started the ball rolling forward and I asked for a raise and/or to work from home with my life changing and where I have completed all training that has been requested of me in this role. I’ve grown in it a TON and I’ve been there 15 years so I have hope it’ll work out. Not sure what will come, but no matter what I know I’ll be ok and I trust the process. If it doesn’t work out here, I know it’ll be time to expand my horizons and look into more alternatives! I’ll go anywhere as long as its forward! :heart:


Love that screenshot :pray:t2:


68 - I was definitely feeling frustrated and angry last night. Was able to pinpoint an exact moment I would have picked up my first drink. While I was making supper, got a call from my Mom. We don’t have a good relationship, unfortunately. I won’t hear from her for extended periods of time (none of our family will - missing kids’ birthdays, special days, etc.)… then when she pops up… complete chaos and drama. Just throws a great, positive day off. Didn’t drink, knew that would make everything so much worse in every way. Admitted I missed it for the first time in a while. Important reminder to myself, that there is always a choice, and I just have to keep making the same one. For me, the “easy” way out, was actually the lazy way out. Just like with anything else, if you are lazy, cut corners, or avoid something (like emotions) they just pile up, making a bigger mess for later. It’s a new day - hope everyone enjoys it.


Ten days.

Clean still feelimg good.

Pumped on life. More than before.
They more i say no. Thr stroger i get.

Im approaching sobriety with attitude.

Its cool to say no


On a side note - has anyone ever watched the movie Envy? Jack Black and Ben Stiller. Have seen so many times - but laughed so hard. Was a great distraction.:laughing:


Well done. Circumstances and relatives cannot be chosen, but we all have the power of choice over that first drink. How much better do you feel that you exercised that option?!? Have a great day.


Checking in on Day 19. Almost as soon as I posted yesterday, I read a story from my old bass player. It was his retelling of the accident we had on our way home from tour back in 2004…and it just fucked my whole mind up. I’ve never forgotten that morning, I could tell you, in great detail everything about it…and like, it all just rushed back in. So, the morning was a bust, but after lunch, we hit 65 degrees, and I went outside for bit every hour and took it in.

Here’s the only pics I have from the accident. Don’t worry, there’s nothing gruesome in them, just our beloved Vanzig, in her final resting place…although she was a 3x3 cube not long after this.
vanzig vanzig1 vanzig2

Have a strong day, and if the day is getting to ya, just step away for a bit, change your scenery. It really helped me a lot yesterday.


So true. It feels great.


Vanzig :sweat_smile: love it! Happy day 19 btw​:+1:


Many thanks!!!


Day 5. Scared about the upcoming weekend. I’ve made a 30 day clean goal for myself. I hope I have the power to do it


Day 2 of reset.