Checking in daily to help maintain focus


@Buts baby steps :slight_smile: keep on inspiring us x


Looks perfect! Hard to believe that was your first time :slightly_smiling_face:


Stepping into day 5 - have a beautiful day.


Thanks. Something I’ve found I have a bit more of now… Patience. Take the time to try and do the best I can as opposed to just slap it together!:joy:


Day 2. Just getting started. This time it’s for good.


Day 253.

I pulled my head out of my arse, got back on program and have just sailed through a pretty tough workday and an hour in the gym. Home to clean, change and dinner with friends after my AA meeting.

I fucking love this program.

“This to shall pass”

Stay sober folks. Just keep on keeping on :pray:


Checking In: Finished The 21 Day Self-Love Challenge on Audible several days ago. Not sure if I’d recommend it :100: for someone struggling in this department, but would say it’s a good/easy place to start. I should mention it did help me to identify a few things that negatively affect my self-worth and confidence and areas that I need to work on personally :slightly_smiling_face: Does anyone recommend any books in this department?

Have enjoyed my time off work and return this evening :upside_down_face: Missing my work wives :dancing_women:‍♀ Thought it would be more difficult having this time alone, but made sure to plan out each day, with some downtime in between. Hope everyone is having an awesome Thursday… only a day and half left of work for most you! :grin:

Let's talk about sober sex

I have no more likes so I thought I’d say this is really impressive!! Love to see more of your work on the forum. Great job Geoff :blush:


Thanks for reaching out and glad I was of some help (:grimacing:)! I value your friendship, Ariel! :heart_eyes:


Ariel! I have been struggling with this so hard lately as well. I am on day 3 of treating this sweet tooth like the addiction it is. I feel you and the struggle is real-apparently sugar is more addictive than hard drugs.

Once I started to view my habit as more of an addiction, these are the tools I’ve been using: recognizing the need to pause before partaking, playing the reel to the end (how would feel if I indulged), recognizing that it was instant gratification/relief I was looking for, recognizing my “I deserve this” mentality (even though it was really harming my state of mind daily to be fulfilling my sweet tooth), trying to replace sugar/mindless eating with healthy habits and foods, recognizing whats sparking those intense impulsive desires, thinking about long term goals or on the other hand focusing on just for today.

Anyways! Those are all things I’m sure you already have in your tool box, just wanted to say I completely relate and maybe we both can start being a little more open about it because it’s nice to hear I’m not alone on this!


Holy moly, the struggle is real!!! 1 day + 12 hours down with no sweets and I’m in full swing of the mental obsession of addiction. This morning i threw out that dang cake. At work and currently snacking every hour or so - at least it’s healthy though. This had mentally brought me right back to the feelings in my early days of sobriety from alcohol.



8 months sober today! :heart:


Day 11. Its not an easy day. Just when you think your are out of the woods you have a day like today. Hope i dont see ya’ll in the relapse forum tomorrow


Awesome thanks for posting those!


It’s up and down buddy. Take each day as it comes. Embrace the good with the bad.
And, no you won’t be in the relapse thread tomorrow, will you? Good man :grinning:


Thank you Lea. It’s a nice feeling to have your work appreciated. The guy I work for likes the stuff I do so it makes it all worthwhile.


Hold tight. Just hold on one more day. These feelings really will pass, do what you need to, but just hold out a little longer!


Checking in day 727 :pray: Approaching 2 years :muscle: Filled with Gratitude! :two_hearts:


@aircircle @Lionfish Are you guys just cutting out :lollipop::chocolate_bar::candy: sweets or carbs all together?


Crickey, just sweets for me. If it was no carbs i might become a liability.