Checking in daily to help maintain focus


What has you wanting to repeat old patterns?


Always Madam.


Sending you :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Just a word of caution - don’t jeopardise your sobriety with diet changes! I told my sponsor today today i would demolish a donut if i was feeling like a drink. It’s taken me 5 months and I’m really only dipping my toe into ditching the sugar to see how it goes. Butv do what you feel is right!


Glad I can help in any way :slightly_smiling_face: I’m not on a diet really- just doing a cleanse right now and taking a break from coffee and energy drinks.


Well I was cancelled tonight.

Edit: … from work. Census is low and it was my turn to be called off. Boo/yay.


Friends, I come to you, hat in hand, like I did at my AA home group tonight. I’ve been struggling and not really trying very hard. I want the great lives and success that I observe in many of you, the great lives and success that I see in the members of my AA family. I picked up a brand new white chip at my meeting tonight. I hope I can earn its promise. Back at square one. Have a great night.


I’m glad you got that white chip, my friend. Rigorous honesty is where it starts.


Shit dude. I was worried about you man. Glad you’re back, sorry you’re not in a good spot though.

You’re awesome brother. Don’t forget it.


Glad to see you back.

I know you know all the stories and all the things that could go wrong everytime you pick back up and slink around hiding it from your fam. I don’t know you but I can tell you I honestly don’t want that for you and your family. I have never been a big book/stepwork thumper or shove sponsorship down people’s throats hell or high water, but it’s the only way this alcoholic goat knows to get himself right when out wondering in the desert. At this point, what do you have to lose? Maybe get a sponsor and pray for the openness and willingness to take his or her suggestions?


Thank you Ariel. For too long, I’ve been sitting there in my meetings, lying to myself and everyone. The bottom stinks, but there is only one way to go.


I read “how it works” and take it to heart when it talks about honesty. I make sure to keep no secrets from my sponsor and i spill most things at meetings, unless it’s sensitive enough to just warrant telling my sponsor. I talk about all my feelings, drinking dreams, struggles with god, thoughts about drinking, i even spill it when i didnt want to go or don’t want to be there. Rigorous honesty with those people has kept me sober. It’s worth a try. :two_hearts:


Day 230. My heart and mind were a whirlwind today, returning from the pleasant business trip. Soaring with possibilities and daunted by them at the same time. Found strength and hope in the likeliest of places.


@Lionfish I have been wanting to try out Magnesium. What brand do you recommend and what doseage do you start at and what doseage do you work up to? Sorry for all the questions but I know nothing about magnesium…


Keeping busy can be a hreat tool to stay sober


I’m happy to see you back again!


Hey Janis! Natural Vitality I think is the brand, but the bottle also says Natural Calm, I have used it over the last 4 years on and off.

Directions suggest starting with half a teaspoon. Gradually work your way up 2 teaspoons which is 325mg of magnesium. (This is per day)

They also suggest that you split up this dosage throughout the day. But I don’t think I’d want to feel that relaxed during the day without being able to just hang out on the couch lol


I am half way through day 1 but I am here pushing through


Hang in there! I m now two weeks without added sugar and before a relapse it was 4 weeks. The start was almost as difficult as quitting alcohol.
I have hard time during my periods. I want to eat chocolate so badly!
But i have to say, that my brain is less foggy, i have better memory and birghter thought. I actually didnt connect it with decreasing sugar before now, but…

Edit other that: started to wake up earlier, feel a little more better & positive, lost some weight and i believe my cognitive skills/speed is better


You could but you wont.