Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 5 completed as I get ready for bed tonight. Looking forward to the weekend as I pass the one week mark this weekend. :slight_smile:


Day 73 :blush:. Morning all! Got either a strained muscle or trapped nerve in my shoulder and it’s a sore one. @Charlie_C you’re a fighter, good for you picking yourself back up. It’s not easy but you’re here and your heart is open. @Rachagnes, my skin was horrific in the first two or three weeks; I got really dry and itchy skin. It’s not pleasant is it? @Lionfish, @aircircle and @Hopeful1, I’m sure you have your own ideas but have you tried freezing grapes - awesome sweet substitute. I also eat huge bowls of fat free fruit yoghurts with lots of summer berries in. All help with sugar cravings while making you healthy in the process :innocent:. Hope Friday is good to you all. Stay gold!


Back to day 0 :pensive:.
I’m sorry.
I have to sign off bc of that.
Goodnight n I’m sorry :pensive:. I’m a mess


Dear Daniel, take care of your precious self. I hate to see you struggling and suffering. Know that we are all here for you, standing shoulder to shoulder with you. You’re not alone.


I’m sorry I don’t want to be flagged and I know suppprt would be huge right now bc I’m feeling so vulnerable and weak right now but I know the rules. I will message tomorrow :pensive:. Again I’m sorry to everyone on TS for checking in not fully sober.,


Goodnight to 206…bring on 207…:angry:


Believe in you, and go kick ass🐰


Stay focused stay on track.

One dayat a time.

On the cusp of the weekend

One Friday at a time.

I am happy to be sober. Playing the movie through znd no instance ever have I had control over my addictionds. I am powerless. Bit im cool with that. Saying no is cool too. Cooler than yeds

Against the grain.

Have a successful day all.


Goodmorning sober friends, day 179 :coffee:
Feeling stressed and irritated. Because of sickness in my team I have to work a lot. I need to learn to let go more, if you understand what I mean. I want to be in control and I want to have all the work done. But if I keep working this hard I get sick too. I have to find more balance :expressionless:


Day 19…checking in friends :slight_smile: happy friday!!


You do seem to be working an awful lot @Buts!!


It definitely feels like it :crazy_face: It 5 days work, one off, 5 days work, one off. Today I work from 9 untill 20.30. And this week I work 43 houres. Normally I work 24 houres. But like I said it’s a lot in my head too, I have to be more easy on myself.
Have a nice day @Peace12 :heart:


Checking in and looking forward to a sober weekend and my Saturday morning meeting. I’m making my plan for the day so that I stay busy but also rest a bit to recover from a busy week at work.
Hope y’all have a great one :tractor::tractor::tractor:


Woke up very well this morning. But then I heared the news about the terroristic act in New Zealand. So sad (understatement)…my brother and sister live in NZ. My thoughts are with everyone harmed. Have a smart day! :sparkling_heart:


Morning. Frozen grapes you say @Peace12 - I’ll give that a go… ta.
@Buts I hope you are getting extra pay for you hard work. If so hopefully you can treat youself soon.
Happy friday all. Stay strong and if the ‘addiction voice’ shouts at you, shout back louder.


Well done @Charlie_C accountability is key.

This chip is the first of many I hope. Who in your groups has the sobriety you want? Stick close to them, find a sponsor and put in the work and you’ll be opening up a whole new life for yourself.

Good luck, stay strong and stay sober.


Oh shit. Havent watched news this morning :confused:


SOOOO proud of you Charlie, you know EXACTLY what you need to do my friend! :heart:


Day 9!!! Wooo hooo!!! Good morning all! I hooe everyone has an awesome day!


“one day you might find yourself smiling at the voice inside your head, as you would smile at the antics of a child. This means that you no longer take the content of your mind all that seriously, as your sense of self does not depend on it.” Eckhart Tolle, the Power of Now…
8 days 11 hours :pray: