Checking in daily to help maintain focus


How in the world did you survive without coffee?


Not checked in for a while… day 473 feeling strong and not tempted to drink at all…crap things are happening around me but all part of normal life … still very much loving my sober life… have a fantastic sober weekend everyone :grin:


Checking in.
I’m still feeling the duality between light and dark. However the sun is shining and that is enough for me to enjoy my life.
Stay strong my friends.

In case you haven’t heard it today


I was determined! I wanted to see if it would help me sleep… last night was the first night I slept well, so I’m curious to see if I sleep any better during the day tomorrow (my biggest issue). If I do I might hold off on the coffee a little while longer.


When I searched it, I saw it was sold at places like Amazon, Walmart and GNC. Just price shop it though because I’ve seen it priced as high as $39.99 and as low as $17ish (for the same exact product).


Checking in day 3. My sleep has’nt been as great as i wanted it to be but I am quitting booze and cigs at the same time so i guess some discomfort is to be expected. Still proud and thankful to be sober. More peaceful times to come soon hopefully. Hope everyone is well :slight_smile:


Checking in day 13. Cleaning the kitchen without drugs is not nearly as entertaining. But I got the music loud!


Day 7 sober. I am recovering faster and better. Something is changing. I am happy. Love you all :green_heart::blue_heart::dog::pray:t4:


@Robketts I am happy to see you around. Welcome back!!!


I don’t think we will ever cease to feel that duality between light and dark, I am hoping the key is to find our place somewhere in the middle where we are neither running from one, nor constantly seeking the other. I believe that’s where inner peace resides… at least that’s the target I’m shooting for now. Great job on your numbers, have a blessed weekend.


Hello all on Day 231! I hope that everyone has a great and sober weekend!


Amazing work! :heart_eyes:


Has anybody else felt this site is as addictive as your DOC…


Hello friends - finished up a successful day 1! Have a great night. We’re travelling out of town in the morning to visit my father for his birthday - and lots of other family I don’t see very often.


Thank you bud.
I appreciate you so much.

I just believe in suffering for growth. So when I am at the lowest I find myself with the strongest drive. I guess I enjoy that up hill fight more than anything.


I’ve definitely had to be mindful of how it’s affecting things for me IRL… It’s always good to reflect


Yes…but when I stop using the forum I inevitably relapse


I know what you mean, i think its great to connect here with like minded people and for me is kind of a safe zone, talking to people who get what we’re all going through. But when in not here theres nobody around who understands to bounce thoughts off of.


Coming to a close:
Day 154 from alcohol
Day 3 from sweets

My sleep is out of whack. Sobriety has made me very aware of changes in body and mind. This sugar situation has me mentally back in very early sobriety - cravings everywhere, counting minutes and hours, using all the tools. The cool thing is that now i have tools. Before, i had nothing.



So, then stay awhile, hang out. Have a chat until your confidence rises