Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 15, first social event with my non alc ginger beers, felt a little awkward but found my sobriety gave me strength and confidence as the night wore on. My partner never drinks but drank tonight and the booze fumes lying next to him in bed right now are killing me!!! He only had 3 rums! Poor fella I must’ve fumigated him for so long and he was too polite to say! :joy::joy::joy: very grateful, happy and excited about tomorrow not being spent half dead. Thank you sobriety. Thanks for listening friends :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Already ate everything :grin: Gosh I love food :joy::smirk:


97 - Enjoying some snuggles and procrastinating housework with coffee and Sesame Street. (With my youngest, but who really even needs an excuse to watch Sesame Street.)

Feeling energized after volunteering at our local food bank, last night. Really enjoying it - as much as I appreciate the time at home with my kids, I miss the social aspect of working outside of the house. (Stay-at-home parents - you are badass.) This has been really great for me and feels good to get involved in the community.

The sun is shining today and plan on enjoying it.:sunny:


I woke this morning so pleased I hadn’t given in


Day 12 - no cravings last 3 days!
Discovered ‘Black Pistol Fire’ today.
Just 2 guys, a guitarist with a good voice and the drummer as the human version of animal from the muppetshow! And I so love the show KEXP!


So awesome. We just had a good little dance off to this in our living room.:blush: That, paired with the coffee (for me) kickstarted our A.M.!

Great job on the 12 days! Last night I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. I used to get the itch to go to the liquor store (beside grocery store) in the minutes leading up to closing… 1 hour til close… 30 mins… 10 mins (telling myself, I -could- make it)… always looking at the clock. When I parked my vehicle last night, I thought to myself how nice it is to not have that obsession anymore.:blush:

Enjoy your Friday.:blush:


Damn yesterday was my first week sober…
But i fckt it up :roll_eyes: (barbecue days are hard)
Now wer at day 1 ‘again’


Black Pistol Fire jams!!!

Royal Blood is another solid two-piece, if you’re not familiar.


KEXP rocks. I listen all of the time. They did a Future Islands in studio show not too long ago that was great.

Two other great stations:
KBAC - Radio Free Santa Fe ( listen live)
KXT 91.7 - (listen live)


Thanks! Will check them!


Don’t know this band, check it soon. Thanks!
First get my kid from daycare and eat pizza!!!


Haha would’ve love to see you dance on this music!


Day 19, going to be a great weekend!

  1. (50 days without weed)

Well, for some dumb reason I had started to use Instagram again. The reason is because I’m a lust addict and I’ve been tiptoeing around my bottom line behaviors. Deleted that this morning. The algorithms they use to determine what shows up on your feed is creepy. Unless I have a business or products to promote I’ve found that there’s no reason for me to be there wasting my time. FB stays pretty PG most of the time, but I could probably do without that too. I haven’t used it to communicate with anyone or post anything in months. I justify it for news and the local sell & swap.

I’ll be hitting 7 months without acting out in a couple of days. The pull toward that ebbs and flows.

Since letting go of pot, the desire to smoke has been almost nonexistent. There are some cues, like seeing it being used or hearing a song that glamorized it, that bring up a slight craving. It’s pretty easy to brush aside.

I don’t really feel much anxiety anymore. I attribute that to being free from acting out. The pot was for the anxiety and I don’t need it anymore. When you’re living a secret life, there’s always this underlying fear of getting caught. For being exposed for the things I consumed just to bliss out and escape reality. The shame makes you believe you’re not worthy.

Discipline is the path to believing that you can. By surrendering to powerlessness you begin to see where your power does lie.


These are great.
Slaves as well. 2 piece drums and guitar from UK.
Can’t seem to find a way to link to you tube.


Checking in on day 34. Going to a restaurant soon, so exciting.
Have a splendid day/evening/night. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi how u finding the meetings? Ive only done 5 so far and loving them… x


Hard fought 90 days! Congrats


In our house - anything but modern country, goes. I truly believe I can feel my ears bleeding when it comes on in a store.


Day 500……! I love that number. Each day adds up and are as important as the last one… very few urges and don’t miss alcohol… have a great weekend everyone :grin: