Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 10 made it through the week sober :grinning::pray:Hope everyone has a great SOBER DAY!!!TGIF


Thank you, you are too kind :heart:
But what you put in, pays out eventually! Keep it up! If I can do it, you can definitely do it too!!


Oh wow! Congratulations. :partying_face:


Wow @Robketts! :tada:Congratulations and a lovely weekend for you too!


In the beginning of my being sober I skipped those alcohol related events Brian. Maybe something to think about doing too. It’s too hard being around drinking people the first months.


Checking in Day 91…

Thanks for all the encouraging comments @Twowaymirror, @Peace12, @Buts, @Geo, @BillS, @Ac1z3k & @Thirdmonkey

Things have been going okay recently in my “Personal” life. I made a few changes this time and stuck to them. My previous PR was 113 days but I’m gonna pass that easily this time around!!

I won’t lie and say everyday is great because it’s not! The one thing I’m starting to learn though is that tomorrow is a new day and my worries aren’t so bad waking up clear-headed every morning.

I have ambition again, I have more $$ than I ever did cause I’m not only saving it by not picking up my DOC but I’m making better choices and not wasting it on other “In the Moment” decisions. Which I think we can all agree are not the best when “under the influence”.

Also, thank you to so many other Members of this Forum too for sharing your stories and advice.

Have a Great Day/ Weekend SOBER everyone!!!


Awesome! :star_struck: So Happy for you! :slight_smile: Thanks for the update! :+1:t2::v:


Congrats @Robketts! Feels like yesterday I was congratulating you on 400! :star_struck::woman_shrugging::100::100::100::100::100:


Thanks Ashley… it’s so good getting the support and encouragement from everyone here…:grin:


248 days. :grin:
Going good !


You’re an inspiration, Mitch. Love your daily shares, witnessing your daily gains and struggles… you continue to learn from and plow through them day by day. :muscle:


I feel a bit unworthy of that praise, Ashley. :blush: Your support and your toughness and your morbid sense of humor are sincerely appreciated. Thanks for always being in my corner!


I did a good job today by passing a glass of sparkling wine by. I said: no thanks, not today😉 was horribly tired in the afternoon. My meeting was a German one. Didn’t like it in the beginning, came out a bit better after sharing. Next week I’m on holiday. No meetings around. Will pray every morning and evening and whenever needed to stay sober for the day. Greetings from my kitchen, sober at day 14 evening.


Yayyy Rob! Nicely done!!!


Day 35 sober. Exhausted. Sorry not being very active today here. I am overtired


Thanks for sharing Mitch. Your stronger than you believe mate and It’s good to see you getting stronger.


Day 259!! Ugh, I feel so good :blush::slightly_smiling_face:. Night :sparkles:


Sleep friend. Nothing good comes from exhaustion :heart:


I really love your shares too! Makes me think and reflect :purple_heart:


And top of these, but before both of them i believe, is Death From Above 1979. If you haven’t already you should add them to your list to check out