Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I listened to this whole album a lot when it first came out!


Just finishing up day 219. Went out to dinner with the wife & youngest daughter (to celebrate her awesome grades this marking period). A nice, juicy steak with a lemonade. Now settled in to watch the Phillies & The Masters. Love reading everyone’s updates. Have a happy, sober, productive weekend, friends!


Good evening friends. I’m hanging in there. Had a good day. Dinner and a movie with my bride. Have a great evening.


2 months 16 days and feeling a bit more positive after today


So happy for you! I love the triple digits, looks good on you!


Day 202

This is my 29th consecutive sober Friday and it gets better and better each time.

Just gonna drop this picture here.

Edit: I was thinking about this picture all day, and what it means to me (and totally forgot to share).

Whatever we decide to fill our day with, we become immersed in it. It becomes a part of us and a part of us becomes it. I choose to fill my cup with sobriety. :blush:


Checking in sober. I’m just confused out of my mind about life. But today’s coming to a close, I can focus on the last few hours and make positive changes stil. Tomorrow is a new day to get re born and love myself and know I’m enough.


Story of my life, that’s why i have this too shall pass across my back! :heart::heart::heart:


:pray: Geoff, your steadiness and unwavering kindness to everyone is awesome. I steal from your playbook often! Thank You!


I feel you. And it will pass is a great quote :muscle::+1:Sometimes, when it gets really bad, i think of scarlett o hara saying “tomorrow is another day”. Timeless and universal.


I should get it tattooed on my brain because I’m having a hard time not taking everything so seriously lately! I just want to R.E.L.A.X.

Lol I will achieve it through meme.


You’ve been such a determined sobriety seeker, Mel! I admire your ambition and I’m so proud to be walking the path with you.:hugs:


Checking in at 53 days!! Life is good! No more pink cloud, but still good. Feeling pretty grateful today!


Day 208, early bird: it’s 7 o’clock in the morning!
Aaaaaarch! :confounded: And it’s sunday!
I’m going to walk a special walk for charity (Red Cross) Going to walk 20 km with friends.
Wish me luck!

Have a nice lazy sunday folks :+1:


Ehm maybe you can catch some sleep if you want to, because its saturday, right? :wink:


Day 102 checking in. Made a significant work deadline yesterday, let’s see what comes from it, but at least it’s submitted. Now to catch up on the work I put on hold to achieve it!! I’m relieved :sweat_smile:

@Buts, good luck on your 20km charity adventure! Looking forward to hearing all about it.

@Betterbee, hope you’re ok after court. Thinking of you Emily :rainbow::zap:.

Stay Gold y’all and Happy Weekend :sunglasses:


Waking up sober in Sweden, day 48…it’s great to be here. I usually drink (a lot) on holidays so this is a new experience, but it’s not hard at all not to drink :smiley:! My friend drank wine ( just for dinner, she asked me if that was okay for me), but I’m having no cravings what so ever. I feel relaxed and happy!

Have a great, sober and smart day you all!


Have a wonderful time there in Sweden!


That is a great number! Amazing, thanks for sharing :grin:


Goood giiirl! Proud of u not drinking. Hope u enjoy fully the rest of your stockholm holiday in our neighbour. Warm winds :sun_with_face::revolving_hearts: