Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Hope you had a restful sleep.


Checking out/in 235/236. Best of everything to all of you today…


Day 48 checking in friends :slight_smile:


Day 49. Everything fine but days have been a bit flat recently. I really need to start filling all this empty time. Wishing you all a great sober weekend👍


Day 399.

I’m thinking about disconnecting more from technology. I’ve always got my phone in my hands, usually doing several things at once with it. It serves it’s purpose, but now it’s spring and it’s time to start coming out of hibernation, blossoming and getting my hands/feet dirty playing in nature again! Love this time of year! :heart:



For a second I was like “wait…it’s Sunday? Did I just sleep 24 hours?”


I just did the same thing! I’m already confused about what day it is because there is chaos at work, and that just made me ever more confused. Haha, but I think I figured out it’s Saturday.

@Buts, hope you have realized by now what day it actually is.


Day 468
I slept in long today (10:30am) after filling up my batteries with magnesium, vit d, water and soul food yesterday after work.
Incredible what a good sleep can do. My energy level is still low but I’ll keep on pampering me with good stuff. On my list are lots of fruit I have to get later in the grocery store and celery for juicing.
Friends, I so love life now! Tho not much exciting stuff happens I love it. I am free since quitting alcohol. Nothing to hide any more. No lies. No medication to keep me running or sleeping.
Thank you ALL for beeing here, reading my stories and talk to me, I really enjoy it :blush::heart_eyes: I won’t tag anyone here bc I surely would forget some :face_with_monocle: This forum became something like a family for me.
And I just realized that I’m a little more than a month away from 500 days :no_mouth: Speechless
Have an awesome sober saturday friends :kissing_heart::hugs:


Well done!!! Incredible feat!! Congrats :slight_smile:


Hello. On day 2 here. This thread looks awesome


I feel you! Seriously so me! Ill be thinking of you in my craziness lol


Day 58.

He is not good for me at all. I hate this and want to cry but at the same time he makes me feel good and appreciated.
But I think this has to come to a stop after this weekend. This hurts me and I had totally forgotten that this is how my brain makes me ache emotionally when I am close to people. Should never get close because I always jush end up in deep emotional pain, which isn’t even rational. I just feel so bad. Why did I once again end up here.


Checking in on Day 49. Killer taco dinner with the lady and her kiddo, quick grocery run, cleaned the kitchen, and slept super hard. Nine hours of sleep is unheard of for me. Like, I don’t recall waking up even once throughout the night.

Have a strong day!!!


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 260.



Day 13 on April the 13th!
Hope you guys have a great day and maybe do something weird today


Checking in/checking out :sleeping: for Friday- this Saturday morning (can you see how easy it is for me to get my days mixed up? Wake up Friday, go to bed Saturday morning and wake up again on a Saturday :woman_shrugging:). Anyway… Girl Scout cookies for dinner/breakfast before bed :grin: Have a good day folks :v::heart:


Day 282.30

Roadtrip with the family from Las Vegas to Tonasket Washington. First day I got out of work early at 2pm and we drove 6 hours to Provo Utah.

Before the trip started my wife and 17 year old daughter were obviously annoyed that we were driving and not flying. But I think they actually enjoyed the first day. My four year old son is loving the adventure as I expected.


Nope, wasn’t awake enough :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And normally I work at saturday… So no sleep but walk! It was a beautiful walk. It was cold in the Netherlands. Because it has frozen the farmers used water to protect the fruit flowers against the cold.


It took a while @Modestakieran. When the walk was finished and I was talking with my friends about how nice the walk was then I discovered it was saturday! So I got one extra day for free! I have a whole sunday extra!
It was gorgeous @Peace12! I walked this route for the 8th year but never seen this frozen flowers because of the cold.