Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Damn, I’m sure so many people on here can relate to that first picture right now…it’s really beautiful… Promise of things to come once we thaw out a little.


Day 44 checking in feeling overwhelmed stressed and so emotional i have bills coming out of my ears and no job idk what to do lord help me, still sober


I use indeed to apply for jobs, have you tried using that website?


I got that recommendation from another person on here, Ill have do try, I just feel like I am not qualified for anything, what type of job on there have you gotten?


Jobs in adminstration are more easier to get without experience. A lot of places will offer training as well. If you get an interview, ask what potential there is for growth within the company.

I have only used indeed to get another job to use as leverage at my current job for a raise and promotion.


Thank you so much for the advice!!!


I’ve never been on Instagram, Snapchat, tinder. Hopefully never will.
I do have a FB. But I can only get on under family supervision.

Just too much temptation for me out there. Better off without these. Congrats on the 210 days. Stay strong.


For me, It’s too hard being around drinking people ever.


Checking in - 6 months clean and sober today. This day (also a Saturday) on 13 October 2018, was my day 1 and I was a hot mess.

There is so much in my mind today. This is also the day of a dear friend’s wedding that I am not at because I thought it would not be good for my sobriety. I know in my heart that this was the right decision but I still feel a little bittersweet. It is an important marker because in my early days, I looked to this event as an excuse of “I can’t stop now, I have this wedding in April”. I decided I needed to push through that because sobriety became the most important and necessary thing in my life. I told myself “I’ll figure out what to do about that later, but I need to stay sober TODAY.” Guess what? My friend understands and supports my absence - we will make up for it by having a sober weekend together some other time.

There is all the self-reflection that comes with a period of time that just felt impossible at the start. I remember checking in here early on and being in awe of people’s numbers. I often checked in to this thread twice a day. I obsessed about my sobriety and the passage of time. People said, one day you will wake up and realise you hadn’t really thought about either drinking or not drinking for a few days. Guess what? Now that happens. Now, the cravings or thoughts of alcohol are fleeting and infrequent.

I still spend a lot of time on here, a lot of time connecting to other alcoholics and addicts, go to about 7 meetings a week, read, write, meditate, etc etc. My life and outlook feels totally different. Some days are still hard, but the difference is that I know what to do when I have those hard days and I know that the feelings will pass if I keep doing the next right thing.

Thanks all, you help me stay sober. You stay with me and roll around in my brain when I am out in the real world.


Congrats @aircircle.

Ran out of likes… :unamused:


Yasss Ariel! You are such a source of inspiration. Excellent work on 6 months! You are someone I relate too so much and I’m grateful that I bumped into you here! Half a year down with spring on the way. Here’s to rebirth!


Day 283.

I slept in till noon today for the first time in about 20 years and immediately felt guilty. Overcome and struck by a feeling of laziness, procrastination and worthlessness.

Then I told my head to go fuck itself, made coffee and got back in bed with a coffee till 1pm.

This last week has been amazing but hard work. 5am - 11pm days. Full time parenting, running a business and working out everyday. Today was the first day my daughter wasn’t here. I didn’t have to work. And it’s my rest day from exercise. And no matter what my head was saying. My body knew that.

The amazing journey of sobriety allows me to take a step back and realise what the fuck is actually going on. I need rest. I needed that 12 hour sleep, and I’ve needed today to just Potter about, get the house clean, watch Podcasts and do some food shopping ready for my daughter to come back this evening and for life to go back up to 100mph for a couple of days.

I am none of those things my head tried to tell me upon waking. I’m a hard working, doting father. I run a business and I maintain a healthy fantastic life.

Ignore that inner bitch folks. Tell it to shut the fuck up and get back in its box. You’ve got this. I’ve got this. And today my head can shut the fuck up and either stay quiet or be ignored.

(Sorry for the profanity and the starting sentences with And :rofl:)


Wow!!! That is truly amazing! Looks like a background of a fairytale!


Day 83 for me here i met my chosen family (my best friend and her kids) in town we went for a coffee did some slipper shopping (hold on to ya hats it gets even more rebellious) then went round some charity shops. It was great just plodding along happy with our doggy as the shops here are really dog friendly we didnt go to our usual park to let her have a run as i went out on my bike with my dog this morning and didnt want to exaust her…turns out 2 ppl were stabbed at that park this afternoon i feel like we were been looked after by a bigger force for us not to go there today wow my heart goes out to the victims its a crazy world we live in take care everyone and tell those you love,you love them peace out friends :rainbow::metal::dog2:


:heart: :sparkles: :tada: @aircircle, thank you for being YOU, you have helped me so much and I am so proud of your journey, amazing work :smile:


Way to go on 6 months, sincere Congratulations to you on what I felt was the most difficult part of the journey…the first few steps…:facepunch:t2::grin:


Congrats on 6 months. You are an inspiration!


Day 38.
Feeling like a scarecrow. Hollow. Just maintaining a facade to avoid the inevitable.
This is around the time i usually relapse. Just one drink and the whole merry game starts again anew. Have to be wary.


Love to read you @aircircle, congratulations! :heart:
A halve year is a big deal! :tada:


Congrats! Well done! :tada::tada::tada: