Checking in daily to help maintain focus


35 days for me. Five weeks! :partying_face: I love being sober. How my mind is clearer and how I’m so much more present in everything I do. How much more I enjoy my family - I’ve always loved them to the moon and back but now it’s just more of everything. Lots of “mores”. :grin:



Congratulations @aircircle. Definitely one of my true inspirations😀


Checking in at day 40! I was so tired after everything yesterday I forgot to check in! So I went to court! I found out whats going to happen. My license will be suspended for 90 days but I can apply for an interlocking device in my car. Then I have to have to have that in my car for a year. Applying for it has been tricky. $1,800 worth of fines. One night in jail. I’m on probation for a year.
Yep. A lot to take in…but! I’m sober! Thats all that matters because I can’t dealing with any of that stuff if I’m drinking. I can’t be useful to anyone if I’m drinking. I’m goibg to grab this thing called life by the horns and do it! No matter what. I’ll do whatever it takes because I’m tired of being a slave to my addiction. I’ll do it!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks everyone for being there for me! Stay beautiful and stay strong!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Checking in again… Have realized this week that those sad, lonely feelings have slowly become non existent. The fear of being alone forever now gone and this makes my :heart: super happy. It’s definitely a great headspace to be in finally.

Have been thinking about boundaries (and the need to strengthen that weak muscle of mine) and resentments. Anyone feel overwhelmed with resentment toward one specific person and wonder how in the hell they are going to get that handled with step-work alone? Just the thought of my ex and our history together gets me tearful and/or angry quick. I need to get back into therapy, but haven’t been able to since my sons ER visit.

Anyway… getting ready for work this evening. Thanks for listening. Hope everyone is enjoying their Saturday!


Well done 6 months is amazing… so pleased 4 u x


Congratulations on 6 months! I’m really happy for you. :slight_smile: And thanks back at you, because you help us stay sober too! I’ve been really enjoying your reflections, updates, encouragements, and perspectives since you joined the forum.


Day 150
Been a surreal day, travelled 200 miles with my husband and kids to meet my husbands dad. Neither of us have met him before, he left when my husband was six months old. Husband was very on edge all day, I spent the day doing my best to keep husband calm and trying to let the kids know everything was ok and daddy was just nervous. Bit of a trying experience to say the least. We got back to the hotel and ate in the bar, found myself staring at hubbies brandy, never my choice of drink but found it calling me after such a stressful day. It never normally bothers me for others to drink but it’s my five months and I didn’t say anything because I wanted today to be about my husband and he doesn’t really get milestones (which I understand, he’s not an alcoholic) felt very lonely all of a sudden in that moment. But anyway the moment passed and we are all tucked up in the hotel room. Everyone had a good day and we are going back to see his dad tomorrow. All in all a good day :blush:


Congrats on not drinking, I’m bored bland want to go out but I think we’re staying in.
Day 20.


You are completely right. Exhaustion is highly triggering to me @liv_m.
Day 35 sober. I started Holy Week. Catholics start Holy Week on Palm Sunday. This coming week I am going to post only my days of sobriety until Easter Sunday. I want to be more prayerful during Holy Week and being focused. Sorry. I will miss you very much but I will be praying more for all of you dear friends


Got through 7 days. Feeling pretty ok. :slight_smile:


Jennajen - congrats on 58 days
TeejLazer - congrats on 49 days and 9 hours of sleep
Allen1 - 260 days is definitely inspiring
Kammie - Keep fighting, you are almost at 2 weeks
Buts - Nice pics, I am not sure I’ve heard of freezing with water to protect.
You picture is great, you look happy and seem to have a good group of mates with you.
Kris10af1 - Congrats on 44 days and good luck on you job searching
aircircle - Fantastic work on 6 months sober!!! you are definitely an inspiration!!! :bird::bird:
nick_1985 - Congrats on day 283; I wish I had slept in til noon.
Positrix - Congrats on day 38, hang in there…I am pulling for you
Ac1z3k - Love your posts, they are great shares. Hopefully you can get back in therapy to deal with your feelings…I am pulling for you :heartpulse:
shell - Congrats on day 150
Steve.21 - Doing well…one week down. Keep fighting and adding on the days :smile:

Checking in today on day 28. I went out this morning and rode the bike 50 miles for 3,371 calories burned. Definitely tired after all of the bike training I have been putting in recently. Next week will definitely be an off week for training.

I had a major craving this afternoon. It was warm, I had finished all of my chores, the yard was cleaned and looking good, and then it hit me like a ton of bricks. “Oh you’ve done so much today, just go get one or two and then you can come home and sleep.” (You have to know my regular place has a special of 1 bottled Coors Banquet and get a shot of Cutty Sark on the side for $5). So two is two beers and two shots. I also felt very lonely/depressed for some reason. I haven’t felt it much recently, but for some reason everything hit at once this afternoon. I was able to beat down the feelings, but it was definitely the hardest my body has tried recently.

I will get some sleep tonight and hopefully have an easier day tomorrow.

Stay strong ya’ll!!!


Checking in at 11 months! Tonight I talked to my husband about some things that have been weighing on my heart. We talked calmly and openly, and while we don’t have the answers we both had suggestions for things to try. It’s refreshing to be able to have conversations like that, and I’m fortunate to have a life partner who is so on board.


Hugs Goat.

Also Congrats!


Woot woot!! 11 months! :star_struck::heart_eyes::heart::partying_face:


You are awesome


You are awesome!


:sunny: @aircircle, Ariel so much congratulations on your 6 months. For me exactly the same reasons were always obstacles to my sobriety, weddings, funerals, birthdays whatever “cat’s christenings”
Happy for u. Be happy & proud :+1::muscle::two_hearts:


Wow @Buts, amazing photographs - I’ve never seen anything like it!!! :zap:


Morning everyone :blush:, day 103 and feeling much more positive than I have of late, which I put down to increased exercise and much more healthy eating, inspired by @siand’s active April thread! @Kintsugi your post reinforced these feelings for me, thank you!

@aircircle you’re a legend! 6 months! Whoop whoop :raised_hands: :star_struck:. You’re so wise and strong and identified with and related to so much of what you said, as I’m sure many others did. Thank you for sharing your reflections.

@nick_1985 I can’t say I’m surprised you slept in, you’re working terribly hard and you keep going - but always with an open heart and amazing spirit. I admire the way you approach the world and take strength from this. I can’t believe your inner bitch has the audacity to dig you up!!!

@Betterbee Many congratulations on the big 40 and well done for getting through your Court date - I know this was looming over you and worrying you.

Stay Gold friends and Happy Sunday (and that goes twice for you @Buts :wink:).