Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Some significant milestones being racked up and called out on here today (today for me anyway!). From @aircircle 6 month to @Shell’s 5 months - well done on making through Shell, despite the challenges and uncertainties of the day. Hope everything works out. @Steve.21 congratulations on your first full week :boom:. I remember my first week and I couldn’t believe I had made it. It’s such a tough week to get through and you’ve done it!!!

And we need a drum roll for @MissJ … 11 months! Holy heck that’s brilliant work right there. Well done you. :fire::comet::comet::dizzy::star::star2::zap:


Congrats Ariel, I’m so happy for you!


Checking in from Stockholm…day 49! Wish u all a great and smart sunday!


Day 137. This evening I randomly bought a 6 pack of my first N/A beer (a truly 0.0% alcohol, new beer from Heineken). I’m not even sure why I did, but maybe I just wanted to vary up the nighttime tea and Pellegrino routine. After 1 sip, there may as well have been a switch on my brain that says “activate alcoholic thinking,” because that’s exactly what it did. I drank 4 rather quickly before realizing the absurdity of what I was doing - pounding beer flavored water. But it was too late to stop the thoughts. Tonight was the first night that I lost 100% focus and felt weak, even thinking that I’d reset, just as punishment to myself for actually enjoying drinks that taste like alcohol. Barely below the surface I had random & weird thoughts pop up in my head, as if I had just started actually drinking. I wondered if would get up early enough to make pancakes for my daughter as she had asked me to do before bed. I thought about whether it was too late to get more n/a beer (what?!). I thought about taking the day off of any form of exercise tomorrow. I started hoping for bad weather so I wouldn’t feel guilty about lounging around all day. I thought about pounding water before bed, as I used to when drinking, in a futile effort to wake up without feeling like shit. All from a few beers that have zero alcohol. Then the thoughts shifted to my true love, red wine, & how fucking much I miss it in my life. I guess the lesson here is that alcoholic thinking, for me, starts long before taking an actual drink - and I better work on that, fast. Just writing this is making me anxious. Back to 100% focus and commitment tomorrow.


This is a salutary lesson Tom - for me. I’ve wondered about 0:0% alcohol drinks myself but this has set the record straight!! Thank you for sharing this insight.


Love you so much, @missj!

Huge congratulations!!!


Wow! Respect for you @Shell! I know how hard milestones can be, expecially with a partner who does not understand it because he’s not addicted. You were the rock your husband could lean on. Proud of you! :heart:

11 months and trucking along, you are doing great @MissJ. Congratulations! :tada:

Day 209 :coffee: Goodmorning! :raising_hand_woman:
Enjoing my extra sunday! :rofl: What a lucky girl I am! I want to share something weird that happened to me yesterday. I hope I can explain it in English well enough.
Maybe I told you all I’ve witnessed a runner getting a heart attack during the Rotterdam marathon a week ago? He died later in the hospital age 28. Yesterday I walked a charity walk for the Red Cross. The night before I woke up in the middle of the night thinking what if it happend during my walk tomorrow. Do I still remember how to reanimate?
So in my mind I checked what to do and how to handle.
Yesterday we walked for 15 minutes and a guy right besides me fell on his face unconcious!
I shouted to my friend to call 911 and thinking: there I go :astonished:
The man was wearing a necklace with the warning he was a heart disease patient. Lucky enough he woke up after a short while! So I didn’t have to reanimate. I went away when the ambulance arrived. But how weird it was to be in this situation twice in one week! And I’ve thinking about it the night before like someone in heaven (like my mother) was warning me about it.
Weird! :thinking:

Have a nice lazy sunday again! :wink:


Day 49 checking in friends :slight_smile:


Oh wow, glad you did not give in to the real thing. :+1: I drink N/A beer occasionally but have absolutely no problem with it but I also have no problem with having alcohol at home, even with opened bottles nor when people drink around me. Every situation is different as is every addiction I guess. Good that you’ll be 100% ficused again. :slightly_smiling_face:


Day 50. I feel like the first stage of my sober journey is coming to a close and really need to push forward. I’ve got the alcohol out of my system to some extent and am now left with a lot of holes to fill. I’ve also had awful neck and shoulder pain this past week. I think without the numbing effects of alcohol all the stress I’m holding inside is becoming apparent. Did anyone else find this?

Hope you all have a great day. Your stories are so inspiring👍


Congratulations on your 50 days :hugs:. I struggled with that too @Hailstrom and had frequent headaches, feelings ranging from unsettlingly nothingness to frustration and despair. It’s starting to alleviate or become more infrequent now. I’ve started exercising more - I’m not sure if that’s making a difference or if it is just the passing of time.


Day 84 still sober and happy for it, even tho ive had some challenging times with my PTSD and alot of talk about the past which does not help. I havent drank or felt like it im so happy with that and where im at with it all. Peace out friends :rainbow::metal::dog2:


Thanks @Peace12 :grin:. Exercise is defo something I need to start, but sobriety hasn’t fixed my laziness yet :laughing:. I’ve been looking into yoga classes aswell so might give that a go. It might be a good way of meeting new people aswell hopefully which is also an important step after all my isolating.


Checking in :slight_smile:


My father had a birthday, we had guests and alcohol … I stayed sober, I’m so proud of myself. :blush:


I had the same situation when drinking na beer. I don’t enjoy it like water or juice no, I just gulp it down like an alcoholic would :woman_facepalming:


Your story gave me goosebumps :no_mouth: Thank God the runner is well and good you were at his side :kissing_closed_eyes: Sounds like that was planned from above to show or teach you something.
Nothing happens without a reason :wink:


Yup, I know that. You body is reparing itself and that needs its time. But maybe you just made a wrong move or did lay “wrong”?


Super powerful check in, thank you for sharing Tom!!! I walked past some NA wine recently and considered biying it, I only knew what it was because I had bought it on accident once trying to get drunk in my hotel room alone while traveling for work a week, when it didn’t work at all so I then looked for the alcohol content and figured out it was alcohol free wine. As I walked by, I thought about it for a second and said nope, I guarantee it’ll make me want more-I sure did that night and I walked to the store to get the real thing instead. Thank you for sharing because you reaffirmed that thought. :heart:


Day 469
Allergy kicked me in my butt yesterday. I wasn’t able to go grocery shopping at all, I was constantly sneezing :sneezing_face: Today all I’m able to do is laying around, eat and sleep. No apartment cleaning. My whole upper body hurts from yesterdays sneezing marathon :expressionless: ugh…
I’ll take my allergy meds daily now, don’t want to experience that again.
Stay sober and allergy-free folks :kissing_heart::hugs: