Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 184 - woke up to a bunch of FB posts about my friend’s wedding that I missed, including people reporting missing shoes. I felt a heavy heart for not being there, but it was clear the drinking level was HEAVY. So I refocused my mind on gratitude and knowledge that it was not the place for me to be. I’m also trying to be mindful and kind to myself because I sometimes slump after milestones, so going to send a lot of positive energy inward this week.

@MissJ - 11 months and open and honest conversations - just WOW. You are a rockstar.

@ChicagoT - Thank you for sharing the lesson with NA beer. It is not something that I have ever been drawn to, and I also try to stay away from drinks that remind me of alcohol. I’m not going to be drinking anything with tonic or any mocktails anytime soon. It is a good reminder of how our alcoholic brains work and the danger and fallacy of “just one”.

@Buts - those events must have been scary! Look out for yourself and your mental health in the follow-up. And thank you for the reminder that every day is a gift.

Happy sober Sunday, all! :bird::bird::bird:


Yes!!! This spot is one of my specialty spots where I feel stress constantly. If you look up “upper back neck tension” on youtube, you may find some stretches you can do at home that truly help! I also lay on a heating pad at night and just discovered breathing exercises and guided releasing stress meditations help to release it too.


Day 400.

I’m on the struggle bus today. I had a few beautiful and wonderful days with no one around to truly reconnect to myself. It was so lovely feeling, even if the circumstances that allowed for that were pretty unfortunate. Once everyone else was headed back home, I got word one of my best friends since age 12 had her brother pass unexpectedly. He was 39. She lost her mom 14 months ago and they were all closer than I’ve ever seen a family be so naturally anyone close to her was always close with them. My heart is so broken for her and for this loss, Adam was a good man but he never could beat his demons. He battled addictions his entire life and I believe this was a huge factor for why he passed at age 39 from heart failure. He wasn’t a regular drinker but he smoked cigarettes, smoked pot and had a pill addiction. There could have been more occasional things he used, I wasn’t ever privy to that type of stuff because I didn’t do it but it wasn’t the norm if so.

This is life and death stuff, all the crap we put into our bodies really does damage we don’t see sometimes until it’s truly too late. All this weighs on my heart today, thinking about Adam and all those we have lost to these addictions over the years. Processing all of this in a full and chaotic house is much harder but I’ve never been one to shy away from a worthwhile challenge so I’m still doing it and while I’m processing my resolve is stronger than ever to stay on the path I am on now. I don’t ever want to go back and put my loved ones through this, I want to be around to annoy the shit out of them all as long as possible! :heart: So, instead of going out and connecting with everyone last night to mourn together (which is normally super important to me) I stayed home to guarantee I stayed sober.


So sorry to hear it @MandiH, what a wonderful way to honour his memory though with a strong resolve. X


Rainbow warrior! :+1::+1::+1:


Congratulations Shell. 150 days is solid!


Hugs Mandi :hugs::hugs:


Checking in on day 12 :pray::grinning:!!!Happy Sunday


Thanks Ariel, and by the way, sorry I forgot to tell you how awesome you are for the 6 months! (Amongst many other reasons you are awesome). Following your journey and wisdom has always been one of the reasons I keep coming back to this lovely group.


We must be cut from the same cloth Mandi, thanks for the reply! I’m sorry to hear about the passing of someone in your circle of friends. Your strength is contagious to me & I always look up to you on here to keep myself moving in the right direction! Have a great day!


Wow this is amazing insight! Isn’t it crazy how our minds can go from zero to 100 just like that? This was probably good practice for you and a great way to strengthen your resolve. I know for me even the small amount of alcohol in Kombucha is a trigger so I try to avoid anything alcohol flavored or related.
I did have the same reaction to a coffee cake the other day. Lol…I ate that thing the same way I would’ve downed a bottle of wine. I even hid it from my husband and started rationalizing it like I did alcohol! Scary to see how one bad habit can be so easily replaced with another.
Thanks again for sharing your experience! Enjoy those pancakes!


@GVLNative thank you so much Im still struggling but every day I find something new and amazing happens! Thank you for your support and keep up the great work!


I think sleeping wrong is a factor, but that doesn’t tend to last so long. I think it’s probably a combo of holding stress in my neck and shoulders, a weak core and tweaking it at some point.


Day 283.31

Day 2 of our spring break family road trip. Went from Provo Utah to Butte Montana. It took about 7 hours… Mostly flat drive. The wife and 17 year old daughter are having more fun than they thought they would. The 4 year old is getting a bit restless after 2 days of driving.

We are going to get him some extra outdoor time today . Stay sober friends. You’re worth it.


I am checking on day 29. I had a hard day yesterday, but feel much better after getting some sleep last night. I got up early and went for coffee and a walk on this rainy, warm, humid day.

Nothing says spring like ducks :duck: and flowers :bouquet:. Pics from the park.


Checking in on day 45 Im feeling very stagnant I guess I feel like Im hibernating and should be doing more but Im guarding my sobriety because Im so scared of losing it Ive lost it so many times before and my emotions are a rollercoaster cravings are intense but Im still sober and grateful!


Day 260! Yey!!
On today’s to do, find a new book to devour, a family Easter crafting activity, organize my week, watch a movie and go to bed early. Have a nice Sunday :blush:

Edit add: final craft product. A little treat bunny envelope for the cousins! :rabbit:


Can’t find the right words, so just sent you a hug :heart:


Checking in on Day 50. It’s a dreary day here today, so I’m going to spend it packing up all the non crucial stuff for next months move and playing records.

Have a strong day!!!


Day 449. Celebrated my 45th bday on friday which seems really fucking old but honestly i feel and look better than i have in a long time so I’ll take it and thank God for my blessings. :blush::blue_heart: