Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Well done @MandiH that is a fantastic number… dealing with the bad stuff is never easy… but better sober…! Keep it going friend :grin:


Almost missed today


Congratulations to all celebrating milestones today. Keep up the great work.


Check u out !!! U r doing so well… i know u r struggling but u r getting through it … everyday u r getting stronger … so proud of u my friend x


400! Congratulations Mandi! :hugs:


Ariel! 6 months, congratulations! That’s huge. Well done my friend :hugs:


Hello everyone! Happy sober sunday! I’m worried about this up coming week. I have a lot to do and not much time to do it. But damn it I’ll do it!!! So now I’ll just take what time I have and relax!!! Its fun!!! Have a great day guys!!! :bouquet::bouquet::bouquet::bouquet:


39 days. Shit is real. I miss drinking so much. I am craving badly today. Trying to find things to distract myself. Posting memes to this forum. Just a minute at a time. One minute at a time.


@Positrix, listen to yourself your letting a liquid control every bone in your body. Other than posting here what else are you doing for your sobriety?


36 days sober, proud, confident and happy. :star_struck:
Have a splendid time lovely people.


You remember why you quit in the first place?


Having a bad evening, lots of cravings. I know why, it’s stress about my youngest son. He’s in his puberty and messing up things. Had a emotional conversation with him. Had a rough puberty myself, so I know were he’s going trough. But I’m worried. He’s just 15 and a few weeks ago he came home drunk after a party. Today we cought him vapouring and he also confessed he smoked a joint. But checking in because I don’t want to drink. I think I’m going to bed early.


I get it. There was a point, and I even posted the thought on here, that I honestly thought the only thing I did well was drink. Looking back it was such a crazy thought to have.

However crazy it seems now, if I remember those early days…I completely understand what was going on with me. For 25 years, my life revolved around drinking. It is how I celebrated, relaxed, dealt with frustration, anger…any real emotion.

It was hard in the beginning…it was not just being sober, it was learning to live life again. As the sober days added up, I learned how to deal with those emotions without alcohol.

Stay the course, it gets better


Hugs to you @Buts


Hang in there! Don’t have an advice, just sympathy.


This is always a great question and good reminder. I had a very intense dream sequence last night, reminding me of the whys, my hopes for the future, my desire to live life on a higher path. :peace_symbol::heartpulse:


I’m going to bed now, tomorrow there is another day. Thank you :heart:


This is what is proving hard for me. Because at the base of it all, right now, I really don’t want to be alive. That’s pretty crappy, but true. It seems the most I can concentrate on is making sure to keep getting up and to keep breathing in and out. I am back to being buried in podcasts, meditations and readings. It’s helping, little by little.


Here’s a hug @EarnIt


@MandiH Congratulations! You are a true inspiration for everybody here