Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Every step forward, no matter the size, is a victory. Being buried in podcasts, better than burried in a bottle.


Better than being buried…amIRight?


Exactly. And that is where i will be if i pick up. I will always be ab alcoholic, but I dont have to be drunk.



Hello all,

Checking in on Day 261.



Hey everyone - day 700 checking in.

Life is good - so grateful to be here.

Stay strong and stay sober.


Day 37 sober :pray:t4::blue_heart:


I remember when I first joined last year… On the days I was mentally or physically spent, obsessing over alcohol every minute or seeking an alternate fix I would come here on the Forum and just stick to the meme, music and not-so-heavy threads. I even created a few silly threads to help me engage with other members when I felt alone… it kept me from drinking, so hey :woman_shrugging: Do what you need to do to not drink right now. You have have a great spot for it here and with good, sober company around at all times.


Checking in! Day 55, feeling good but quite anxious today, Sunday’s tend to be the hardest because it’s my least busy/productive day. It’s my one day to relax and just do whatever, Church, Netflix binge, etc. I’m on the go all week I just want to be able to be calm and chill one day out of my week :frowning:


Hey everyone I just felt the need to check in again. I came into work early and my emotions are getting the best of me. I know I’ll be able to work through every thing. Getting the interlicking device in my car, getting my license back, paying my fines…but at the moment I just feel so down and low. Like its never going to happen. I know this feeling will pass but I figured it couldn’t hurt to let someone know how I was feeling. I’ve been very overwhelmed the last few days. I hope it passes. :slight_smile: thanks peeps


Awww thank you so much! You’re such an inspiration to me thank you for always being there for me!


Quick check in. Had a nice weekend but I wasn’t as active as i would have liked. Oh well. Short week ahead (off Friday!) and Game of Thrones on tonight! Stay strong and stay sober friends!


2 months 18 days. Feeling better by the day


That’s so amazing - 458 days! Taking pleasure in the simple things life has to offer is what it’s all about. I used to miss out on so many of those when I was drinking.


Congrats to all of you who are racking up some big numbers! I had lunch at the local marina with my Mom and my boyfriend on this Palm Sunday. Funny, I wanted to shop at the grocery store on my way home, but I felt craving and squirrelly so I didn’t. So glad now!


I feel ya on the hibernation part and stagnation! I’m either flooding my schedule and feeling overwhelmed or hiding out but then get a little depressed about it. The roads of recovery are definitely up and down and sideways…stay strong!


4 to the 0 (day 40) exam on Tuesday. Feeling wired and fried. Need sleep. Cannot wait till it’s over. Goodnight.


Good Morning everyone! Checking in Day 104, Monday. Managed not to work too much this weekend which is good, and it was fun - spent time with family.

Lots going on for people since I last logged on yesterday. @Buts - thinking of you my friend. You too @Betterbee. I wish I could write words that would make life easier to bear or alleviate your worries.

@Positrix you’re in a hard space right now. I found this period of sobriety really difficult too but it really does change again. I felt at around the 40 day phase that I would have to battle cravings on a daily basis for the rest of my life - you won’t. Just keep going.

And many congratulations on 400 days @MandiH :boom:, and on 700 days @NewPerspective :flushed:

Ok crew, lets do this. Stay Gold y’all :zap::star:


Going to see Rehab in the morning, hopefully for a bed or a designated date again. Will find out more in the morning, wish me luck. Being in limbo has been more annoying than anything else. My fault after the ER visit but it hasn’t deterred me from going, I’m just having to do more work to get in. Regardless this time has been allowing me to heal at home, getting back into a healthy routine with eating and the gym. Tomorrow’s a new day and hopefully leading to more positive changes in my life.


21 days @goBlue24, you’re doing great picking this back up Daniel, you’re a fighter for sure!! Good luck for your rehab appointment! :crossed_fingers:t3: