Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I like your numbers @NewPerspective! I guess you worked hard for them, impressive!
Congratulations! :tada:

I feel better today @Betterbee, I hope you feel better after a night sleeping too :heart:

Hope you can make another step now @goBlue24. Good luck :four_leaf_clover:


Day 210 and checking in :coffee:
Passed the test yesterday and succeed: still sober. But hard times it was! :frowning:
Got a message today from my “easy quit drinking” app, I earned a new badge! I’m 5000 houres without a drink :grin: How about that!

I told you all about the 2 times last week when I witnessed somebody having a heart attack. I decided to upgrate my reanimation skills. So signed in for a course for it.
Today I’m off. Talked to my youngest son a few minutes ago. He is relieved he told me everything. I :heart: him so much. It’s my fear for him to head the wrong road in life. I see he is fulnerable for peer pressure and want’s to be populair and fit in. And he’s curious and want’s to try everything :astonished:
Well enough about my worries, can’t do more then I’m doing right now.
Have a nice sober day friends! :raising_hand_woman:


Day 117 over Here.


Good night to D237 and best wishes for smooth sailing ahead for you fine peeps…:sailboat:


Thank you @Peace12. Hope everything is going great with you!


Thanks @Buts. Tomorrow is a new day and a new intake for the rehab. Hopefully it’s positive but any day sober is positive. Whatever day I get in I’ll take and whenever that day comes, I’ll be there :blush:. I really appreciate the faith. It’s been so helpful in darker time to see such positive kind messages. I’m skilled at negativity when it comes to my addiction and seeing your kind words or other peoples on here really helps :heart:


Made it 2 days! Today I have some important stuff to do. I am not gonne drink today! Day 3 here i come!


@Buts and @Peace12 y’all are awesome and I love you guys!!! I love this forum because people I don’t know come out of the wood work and help me!!! I use to be terrified or scared of asking for help. I hated seeming vulnerable. Sometimes I’m still scared to comment on peoples posts: what if i say the wrong thing??? But I think that feeling is passing. I feel more assured. My feelings are my own and its okay to have them!!! Thank you everyone!!! :honeybee::honeybee::honeybee::heart::heart::heart:


Day 50…checking in friends :slight_smile:


Grtz on 50!


Hi @Buts I understand your worries about your son. Mine (18 years old) is smoking cigarettes and weed and I think it’s very difficult, but we have to let our kids walk their own path…They have to find their innerstrength not to want to smoke\use. To forbit things doesn’t help in my opinion. My mom told me when I was 15: When you are going to smoke weed I’ll kick you out of the house :joy:…look where that take me. So I hope my son will be smart enough to quit the shit earlier than I did…He has a very good bad example. Take care :sparkling_heart:


@Dutchboy10aDay awesome!! Keep it up!


Starting day 50 after a nice, chill and sober weekend! Have a great and smart day you all!

  1. Happy Monday my friends! Made it another weekend without drinking!!! I would not have accomplished 10% of what I did if I was still drinking.


Nice going @Bob123! :tada:


I am a compromise lady. So we talked it all over just the two of us, sitting on his bed. Both emotional. We talked, found the way we both felt ok with en hugged eachother :heart:

And congratulations with your 50 days Andrea! Nice going girl! :tada:


Checking in at day 17, sober during the fasting holidays. I’m a bit nerved by my college, who is talking al the time. How can I tell her that I need time for myself and also a time in silence? Without hurting her? Maybe I find out later. Go for swimming now, the message and then I hide somewhere😎. Have a good and sober day all of you.


189 days. Stay strong and be happy all :kissing_smiling_eyes:


Day 18 here, sipping a ginger beer about to watch GoT :scream:


100 days today. Feels pretty good to see that. A grey and rainy day… feeling very peaceful and relaxed. :heart: