Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Congrats @Vikingsfan :100::star_struck:!


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 262.



Congratulations @Vikingsfan! :100: days rocks :facepunch:


Checking in on Day 51. Short week, but it’s gonna be a busy one. Killer lifting this morning, after not lifting at all last week (except Monday).

Have a strong day!!!


Congratulations on :100: days!!! What a great accomplishment!!!


Checking in at 47 days without a drop of booze. Congratulations to all my brothers and sisters in recovery for sticking through it all!


@Vikingsfan!! 100 days! Congratulations.


Congratulations on 100 days :blush::tada:


Day 401.

I’ve decided since I have some time available to me with my uncles passing last week, I’m going to use it this week. I’m struggling and I am owning that. I don’t want to drink but am also not feeling like myself at all. I’m used to loss but not so much at once and it’s def new sober. Going to take some time this week for myself and to reconnect to people that have mattered in my life a lot over the years so we can heal all together. :heart:


Fantastic!! Congratulations.


Checking in at 140 days. 20 weeks. Wow.

I feel good these days. I still think about drinking a lot but I’m feeling strong in my resolve.

Having an emotionally low day today, though. Maybe it’s the rain storm we’re having. I don’t know. But I have that icky feeling in my stomach. I can’t tell if it’s a depression or guilty feeling…they sometimes feel the same.


It’s Monday. That was a kick ass thunderstorm we had in the night though!


Checking in. Day 825. Lots of positive posts. AA is the way. Keep Sober and Carry On.


3 weeks today, body and mind feeling good.


Checking in day 56. I started feeling really down last night and woke up today feeling like I want to cry. I haven’t had a “low” day yet in this recovery process and knew it would come but not sure if I let the emotions roll or try to keep myself from crying? I’m not sure any real tears will come out but that feeling is there in my chest. I guess today is a good day to have my counseling appointment scheduled, maybe when I put it on my calendar 3 weeks ago I secretly knew today would be a low day! Anyways, hope everyone is staying strong, and good job to you all :heart:


So well done on 100 days. I don’t know why but something shifted for me at that point. Maybe because on my day 100 i was snowed in and spent the day writing 100 things i was grateful for. That really helped my perspective change. It was hard but awesome. :two_hearts::bird:


Let ‘em roll… I’ll listen to this one song when I know I need to let off steam :sob:


Hoorah! Congrats!


140 days! Yey! :tada:


In some ways it was nice to wake up to the sounds of thunder etc…but it triggered some bad dreams. I had one of the worst nights of sleep I’ve had in a really long time.