Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 3 way to go! Remind yourself of why you are here. Remind yourself of how that wine would really make you feel. Distractions are also good!


Day 41. Exam tomorrow. Feeling ok but cannot wait to be done so I can fully focus on myself my healing and my fam


Day 262. Patience eh?..:roll_eyes:… Rebuilding relationships is kind of PAINFUL. For me, I’ve noticed how much I need to change my story, and stop telling myself same things about myself, and others. I think I can get stuck in my “tales” about my past, who I am & why, etc. I need a bit of strength lately.


Congrats on triple digits, keep winning @Vikingsfan!!


Whats one of these?


2 months 19 days, it’s been a better day


Day 701 in to 702.

Had a day of IT challenges which seemed to be a test for my patience, thankfully I passed, previously I’d have let this stuff get to me. Today I did what I had to do to resolve it and it got fixed.

Had an annual asthma check, my peak flow is the highest its ever been and better than the goal for my age/height which was great to hear.

Visited a sober friend and took a walk which was good to clear my head this evening. Enjoying spring weather.

Stay strong and stay sober everyone.

Lovely to see all the check ins.


Still grieving and will probably always grieve the loss of my Mom, but I am still sober. Anxiety is high. Crying comes in waves. But, I am trying to stick to my routine as much as possible. Also, next week my daughter will be in town, which means we get to see our granddaughter! I am SO excited!!!


Sending you good vibes, dig deep, tune that inner voice to guide you on the right path.

I try to find strength in difficult situations now, we learn and discover new things about ourselves and my sponsor tells me its part of spiritual growth. Whether you are spuritual or not the growth part is spit on.

I find taking a step back and reviewing my approach helps, look at what your role is in the situation and what you can change about yourself to help the situation perhaps?

I am often surprised now at how these things turn out, usually all is good and I’ve over thought things in my head.


Dojo: a place where martial arts are learned and practiced.


@Vikingsfan Congrats on :100:!!! Newest member of the triple-digit club!!! Keep up the strong work!!!


Checking in on day 9. Had a lot of violent dreams last night, where I was drinking, and getting wasted. Woke up and the sun is shining. Gonna turn that around and put a positive spin on the day. Best to everyone!


I can understand that. I’ve been thinking about my dad a lot lately. He was the one person I could always talk to no mater what. Never got angry, just listened and gave advise. Not always the best, but pretty good.


Thanks for clarifying that.


And what is the official definition of a ‘brojo’? :joy:


Brojo: a section of one’s castle dedicated to conditioning and practice. Like a home office, for savagery.


I clearly need to reclaim my castle. Pro weight room, sauna, kitchen, writing room, and the whole rest belongs to the Border Terrierists! How did this happen?


However short their visit, I hope it lifts your spirits.


Day 262. Again.
It’s the little things though, right? I’ve been dealing with a tough situation, tough day. On ride back home, after so many times having reached in my tiny purse, I find a bad of old sugar coated jujubes, 4 of them, two coke bottles and grapes. I’m like, say whaaaaat? So happy. It’s the little things that can give us strength, haha. Don’t look too far.


Peace is often found in small subtle things.