Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in on day 13 :pray::grinning:!!


Checking in day 221.

Trying to help my 19yo daughter navigate through her first broken heart. It kills you when your kid is hurting. She was hungover yesterday and I want to preach about drinking isn’t the answer, alcohol is poison, etc, etc. But now is not the time. But the whole situation sucks and makes me feel helpless.

And today i got invited to my college fraternity reunion this summer (my entire fraternity experience was basically me in a drunken stupor). We are all in our 40s and 50s now so it likely won’t be a booze-fest. But I have RSVP’d that i would not be attending. But it’s fucking with my head. I keep thinking, should i go and show them that I’ve become a well-adjusted, sober person and I’m no longer the drunken villiage idiot? No, probably not. They have a fun weekend planned with golf, paintball, poker, etc. But i guess that’s not for me anymore. Fuck.


Day 19 here I am! Almost 3 weeks in :slight_smile:


Day 38 sober :pray:t4::blue_heart::green_heart:


Of the activities they have planned, it seems most (sans paintball?) are structured around booze. Maybe you’re choice is the right one, Bill


205 days sober, yes, they are all in a row.

Been feeling disconnected lately. From here, from family and others. My sobriety isn’t immediately at jeopardy, but it will be if I allow myself to continue to be isolated. I learned from my last relapse that this is kind of a red flag and I need to address it rather than hope it’s just a case of the blues that will blow over.


The best possibility in sobriety is to learn to notice those signs and act before it leads to something worse. Adjustment all the time. Isolation is my poison too. Aa is the medicine. Hang in there, just adjust…:hugs::+1::muscle:


Wow Happy :100: @Vikingsfan - how does it feel to be swimming in triple digits? :boom::zap::star_struck:


I feel for you. I went to a big Greek party school. I was underage, and was off the drink bc my Dad was an alcoholic and I thought it was stupid. But some of my very best friends became alcohol addicted that early. Maybe you’ll go and be surprised that everyone has given it up?


I wish I had advice about your daughter. Early heartbreaks are tough. I’m sure there’s good advice about talking about drinking with teens, but I don’t know what to tell you.


Congratulations @Smiffy :tada: Your on your way beating the 2 months Tracy :facepunch: Nice!!

Congratulations with your 2 months @Jennajen, it’s getter better and better.

Almost 3 weeks @AyBee! :raising_hand_woman:

Still miss my mom @Janny and she passes away almost 14 years ago. But the pain will be lesser and lesser after a while. I found the first 2 years the hardest. I wanna give you a big hug :heart:
Enjoy your granddaughter (and daughter!).

Allmost 2 weeks in your pocket @Thumper1213! :confetti_ball: :confetti_ball:

Some things you cannot control @BillS. Like my struggles with my youngest son. I think you handle it well. You are there for your girl, listening and not judging :heart:


Goodmorning again, day 211 :coffee:
After a bad night of sleep with a lot of weird dreaming I’m starting the day. I’m trying to bring meditation back into my life again. So put the “Insight timer” app on my front page of my mobile and allowed it to warn me every day. Following a 7 days meditation course now (it’s for free on the app). Years ago I was used to meditate twice a day, but it fades trough time.
I want that routine back!
Have a zen day! :pray:


Adios to D238…bring on 239…all the best sober peeps, smooth sailing for ye…


Big hugs :heart:


Checking in hurriedly on Day 105 - and congratulations to everyone doing the same and embarking on another day sober. I’ve been frantically finishing work off since 5am and then running round making sure everyone has everything before bolting to work.

As @aircircle said, things have felt easier for me too since reaching :100: @Vikingsfan, though I don’t know why exactly.

Horrible news about Notre Dame breaking!


Checking in day 51…feeling not to good, but will survive sober today. At least I can watch Juventus-Ajax tonight. Hope Ajax will play beautiful soccer and reach the next round. Have a smart day you all!


Day 51…checking in friends :slight_smile:


It really would be something incredible if Ajax could pull it off, huh? Good luck!


It feels great. For one week, 1 month, a couple others - I did some extras to reward myself. (Sweet treats that I wouldn’t usually eat, mostly.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) … but yesterday I didn’t feel the need to do any of that. Just being sober, healthy, and feeling good IS the reward. In fact, I actually had some energy to do those extra cleaning tasks that I hate… cleaning behind my fridge and stove.:laughing: 100, yesterday - was a big deal for me, too. Happy to read you’re feeling great, as well. :slight_smile:


Hope you’re feeling better soon @Dasindog. You were the first one who I remember reaching out to me here on one of my posts on this forum. I see that you offer so much support to everyone here.