Checking in daily to help maintain focus

Day 19. Feeling pretty good :+1:


Day 11. Started running and lifting weights this week and meditating in the morning. My dishes and laundry are done and I’ve cooked every meal so far, so a good week. But I’m feeling major urges today so I need to be careful with myself. Just remembering all the reasons I quit.


Congrats @AyBee on 30 days.

Checking in. Cravings subsided for awhile, but today, they are back. I’m craving bad. Still sober though.


Are you referring to people that rarely frequent the forums anymore since they feel strong enough to continue with life without the support network?

Hey Michael, I was saying that about myself, mostly because I have a lot going on IRL and it’s caused a little bit of disconnect here on the forum as a result. Sorry for the confusion…

What kind of program do you use?

I just feel so proud to offer my kid a safe, alcohol-free life. How about you?


2 months 29 days. Definitely a better day today


Thank you. Definitely had a better day today

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Glad to hear that :+1:

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That’s a pretty amazing feeling too! I think my absolute favorite has been remembering who I am and having the ability to feel things again. Pretty amazing lifelong gifts really! And they never could have happened without long term sobriety. I feel like this first year has only scratched the surface, can’t wait to see what the next year will bring! One day at a time, I intend to find out. :heart:


Checking in day 9.
Feeling very uncomfortable if I’m being honest. Had a long talk with my sponsor. This last year since being released from prison, relapses happened often. Got time, lost it. Cycle just kept going. I isolated myself, went to meetings “when I wanted too” and nothing was sticking. I thought I could control everything. Haha that was humerus to read back I thought that illusion was real. Today was hard, I’m very grateful I have TS a sponsor NA and my brother today to get me through. I basically had 2 ppl in my life the last year I was in touch with and have lost both as of today. Whether it’s by choice or their choice bc of my actions this change feels a lot. I have no idea what to think but then again I’m not trying to over think and Im just trying to move forward… I know people come and go in your life and you can’t control when or how it happens. I’ll miss them both without question but I’m trusting my HP. It feels a lot at times, many memories, many regrets but each choice I made lead me to this place and as I go to my meeting rn that’s across the street from the rehab I’ll god willing be at on May14th, I’m not trying to focus on everything and just focus on what I need to do right now, right in this moment. Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable but it’s also growth. I can’t be scared of it, I can’t let it stop me from becoming the best person I can be. I feel like I’m rambling right now bc right now I don’t know what to think but I know I’m doing the right thing right now in this moment being at this meeting. I will continue to trust this HP and continue to fight for my sobriety bc as crazy as my life is right now. I’m alive, I’m fucking alive and maybe I’m not shitting rainbows right now, life could always be worse and I could be back in prison so I’m grateful for another day sober and grateful for another chance period.


I have been feeling the same over the past few weeks. I can’t quite put my finger on it.
Compressed days due to work/commute, change in season… not sure.


Day 51 first sober camping trip tomorrow. So looking forward to a breakaway from husband and kid…love them so much but it’s me time! I will see stars and hopefully lots of birds…maybe a black bear! (I am from the true north…Winterpeg, Manisnowba and heading 3 hours more north! The grass is green but still no leaves!) Trust the journey everyone!


Day 115 for me is breaking and I remain truly grateful to be sober and free from alcohol. Only yesterday I was reflecting on how I allowed it to run my life, and how I ran round after it. To be here, to be free, is a gift I am treasuring.

I didn’t get through as much work as I needed to over the last two days and that often makes me unsettled and ill at ease. I’m just acknowledging that really and saying it out loud so it doesn’t become a ‘thing’ and then I can settle in to some solid work and make up for ‘lost’ time.

@LAD I hope you have a super time camping :camping:. @TMAC I hope your time away goes well - I know what you mean entirely - I don’t like disruptions to my routines either, even for a break away. Perhaps you can create temporary routines to structure your four days? I do that when I go away.

Well troops, it’s Friday (here). We made it through the week :joy:! Stay Gold y’all :star::boom::zap:


30 days rocks @AyBee, 1 month! :1st_place_medal: Be proud!

I don’t think you were rambling @goBlue24. If you stick to this feeling and do what you are doing now you will get there!

Almost 3 months @Addictive! :heart_eyes:

I hope the sky is clear at your camping night and I wish you a awefull lot of stars to look at @LAD!
Happy camping!! :camping:


Day 221, goodmorning :coffee:
Dinner was nice yesterday, no cravings.
But had some arguing with my husband. We talked, but it wasn’t helping. It’s like we talk in different languages. Both willing to understand eachother, but it doesn’t work out.


@ goBlue24 I’m happy to see the hope and resolve in your recent reflections, and determination to help yourself in the ways only you can. Sounds like the meetings are really helping, I’m noticing you talk about them more often. Also I’m pretty sure rainbows are a Type 9 on the Bristol scale, so mixing it up sounds healthy and normal :rofl:

I’ve missed a number of milestones, I’ve been less active recently. Off the top of my head, plus a brief scroll upwards, @Lionfish @liv_m @Eke @AyBee @TeejLazer @Hailstrom @Allen1 @Andreanova @Ninetales @Turtle and I’m pretty sure the site isn’t going to let me tag more, but congratulations to all!


Hahaha thanks @Ifs. With the crohns and recent relapses, my Bristol scale can get crazy sometimes lol…Glad to hear from you. Meetings are helping, not isolating even when that’s all I want to do has been great/tough and relinquishing control and going with the flow has been a unknown blessing and gift.


I’m sorry to hear @Buts, I hope things get better :heart:

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