Checking in daily to help maintain focus


worrying about family matters

Doesn’t this stink @Peace12? We are working so hard to fix ourselves. Yet family matters can take such a physical and emotional toll. As soon as my head hits the pillow every night, my thoughts are hijacked by a family drama (between my brother, dad & step-mother) that seemingly has no solution. It’s at an impasse. At least by day, working keeps those thoughts at bay. May you find the strength to deal with yours, friend.


Good luck Hanna @Fireweed!!! :crossed_fingers::heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Check in day 79, sun is shining in my head (and outside as well). I really feel like go to work, my new job…it’s been a long time since I felt this way about work :slight_smile:

and a smart one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I hope you feel better today @Jennajen. The good thing is that you noticed you are romanticizing your impulses. You are aware and you are here, that’s progress.

@liv_m You go girl! :facepunch: You be you! :facepunch: I love the quote: Wees jezelf, er zijn al andere genoeg (Be yourself, there are others enough).

Maybe try some extra help @Kmills888? It helps me to check in here every day. You had a long strech of sober days before, what helped you then?

Congratulations with your month sober @tune_in_the_moon :ok_hand:

Sorry to hear about you worrying @Peace12. I hope it will be better soon, wish you a good day :raising_hand_woman: :heart:


Day 239 :coffee:
When something doesn’t work the way I want and I can’t figure out why, it gives me stress. Yesterday I tried to update my ereader and make it work with the new subscription. It didn’t work whatever I tried.The subsciption worked on my phone with the app but on my ereader it kept saying I was not allowed to open those books :angry:
This morning I found the solution! It was easy! Check out from my ereader and check in again! Done! :tada: Pfffffff…wished I would have discovered it yesterday. I was crumpy all day.
Small problems, but they affect my mood. Would like learn to protect my mood from being depressed by such small stupid problem :blush:
Great day everyone!! :heart:


Thank you Tom :slight_smile:, I really appreciate you taking the time to write to me. I’m sorry for your troubles.


Go get it Hanna! You know you can!:star_struck::grinning:


Thank you for sharing. Stay strong. You are loved.

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I really hope that the day is getting better Peace. Family can be a worry at the best of times. I know it’s hard, but sometimes, I find it best to let them get on with it. As they say, you can’t pick your family.
As to all the work. Try not to stress about it. Just do what you can. Prioritize. :grinning:

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Day 312.95

A template for a successful day.


Checking in on day 5. Although I am happy that I have 5 days and I am on this journey I am also feeling a bit down today that I have reset the clock a couple of times recently and I could have had so much more time under my belt. Ah well, onwards and upwards eh?


Day 5 is good.
Don’t worry about the past, it’s gone, not a thing we can do about that. Get rid of it!
Tomorrow hasn’t happened yet, don’t worry about what will happen, no body knows.
Today. Live today. stay sober today.
What I did in the first couple of weeks was to just pay attention to what was happening to me. If I felt cranky, tired, upset, anything at all out of the ordinary, I put it down to withdrawal. I excepted it and cracked on! I looked after myself, people on here call it self care. For the first few weeks I literally went to work, came home, cooked a simple meal, had a bath and went to bed. I didn’t try to do too much at all. I was lucky that I had told my wife what was happening and she was so supportive.
You can read all about it on here. Take time to backtrack people’s history. See what they went through. It’s what I did.
This journey is for you, so take time to listen to yourself, something is usually trying to tell you something.


Thank you @MandiH ! My favourite thing about sobriety is waking up hangover and guilt free, ready to enjoy my day instead of feeling like death, clock watching until i can have my first drink! At 7am this morning i took Meg for a walk in the woods, saw a deer and ended up standing in a river up to my wellies to retrieve the ball she had spat out because she was thirsty :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Checking in on day 74 a little sad this morning. Nothing really new going on. Going to maintain my positive attitude and keep truckin along. Love you all!


Maintaining a positive attitude can be hard sometimes, just remember that even on days when you feel like a dark cloud you’re still a ray of sunshine :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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Thank you :heart::heart::heart:


Hay honey im sending u all my positive love your way… . Just remembered how far u have come and every day is a blessing to be clean. I love u my friend x keep rocking recovery x

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Thank you Im just in a little funk! I appreciate you so much!!! :heart::heart::heart:


Day 25. So far on this little journey positives have been: clear headed, a little inspired, sticking to a plan. But this evening, for the first time this time around, I just felt GOOD. Plain old boring GOOD. It was weird and unexpected. But I liked it :heart: Keep at it everyone.


Congratulations :tada:Thank you for sharing!