Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in.
It is a beautiful morning here. I awoke at 530am to the sounds of birds chirping and the world around me coming to life. I cannot express how amazing it is to be able to appreciate these small things every day. I took sometime this morning to reflect on the terrible person i was in active addiction. It really helps to keep me grounded to remember that as far as I have come, i still have to work at being the best version of myself every single day. No off days. No I’ll do it tomorrow. Every. Single. Day.
What lead me down this particular path of reflection was a moment I had last night. I decided to write my friend that went to a rehab a letter. Once again, I found myself choked up. By the time I had finished a tear or three had fell down my cheek. I took that time to really try to understand why this person’s act of self rehabilitation has moved me so much and the conclusion that I arrived at was, I admired his bravery. I admired his ability to see the problem, recognize he needed help, found the avenues of assistance and followed thru on the plan. I have nothing but admiration for this individual.
So here I sit, coffee in hand. Gearing up for a run. So before I take my leave and torture myself for the next few hours I want all that come across this post. Wether you have been consistanty staying sober and killing it, or if it’s your first day, or even your 100th first day, or everything in between.

Keep it up.

And even if you have have heard it today:


I say every day “man! I REALLY want to quit drinking!”. Even tho I’m serious and really feel that way, this time has a little extra spark in it… Same way I felt last time. I’ve never had a pivotal moment that made me feel this way aside from just being exhausted of playing this same game. Every. Single. Day.

I purchased a book sometime between now and when I started drinking again as a way to help quit again. I’m going to start reading it again. I’m a big book reader so hopefully I can stay the path and finish it. The Naked Mind.

But checking in on the morning of day 2 :blush:


Checking in on Day 80. Got 99.9% of the packing done. Ready to get the move over with. Hahaha. Gonna hit the gym, and finish packing loose ends. Ready for tacos tonight.

Have a strong day!!!


Positive vibes coming your way twinny…:heart::heart: we all get like that-it hasn’t been sunny here in over a week, I’m way low in vitamin D so I feel you! Whenever I feel down I remind myself that at least I’m feeling emotions, never take that for granted! :kissing_heart:


Day 76…greatest motivating factor by far is to hear how proud the ones you love are of you :kissing_heart: not a better feeling! Schoolwork and rain in the forecast for today (spring where r ya?!)…high of 45 :weary: have a great day y’all :smiley:


Thanks doll!! You are so right!! Im so thankful for all of you here, reading yours @Twowaymirror and @Natnat responses put the biggest smiles on my face thank you! Love you twinny​:heart::heart::heart:


Happy Birthday and hey, where can a guy get some good coffee around here? :grin:


:joy::joy:Have you tried the small independent cafe’s?


I’ve gone to Starbucks (old reliable) and hotel room coffe (GAG!). everytime I find a cafe, it’s not coffee time.


8 months, (81 days without pot)

2/3 of the way through a year. It’s a wild ride and the pull is as strong as it ever was. Lust will always be knocking on my door. I can accept that and I can continue getting stronger so that I can be present to experience gratitude for the small victories and joy in each day.

I’m tired of being a pacified spectator in my own life.


Yeah Hotel is always naff!

Anytime is coffee time Dan, you’ve just gone down in my estimation now!!!:rofl::rofl::rofl:


Lol. Fair play; just for that, I’m on a mission for a cup of coffee now.

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Thankyou so much what are in London are you ? X

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Idk man.
I have had okay coffee from a hotel before. @Yoda-Stevie once told a story about having the greatest cup of coffee from a hotel. So maybe it’s out there and you are yet to have found it? Lol


Nice one Mitch. :sunglasses::star_struck:

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I always was believer and spiritual person, but was not religious before. Christianity looked not attractive to me and I was thinking Christians are ‘‘dumb’’ at some point, and Priest’s most of them are perverts and Vatican is some sort of Mafia.
I was thinking I was special and my spirituality levels are higher and was more up to Buddhism. But now I understand that in that perspective of view the highest was my ego.
Simplicity is the key. Simplicity and practice.
Spirituality without religion (witch is discipline) is like a car without fuel.
Knock and the doors will be opened. I knocked hard all my life with loosing faith more and more. Today, i cannot believe, that all my prayers was answered ! I have many miracles happened to me.
I stayed alive when I was supposed to die.
I was saved from 4 years depression.
Finally I met my wife and I am not alone in this journey anymore. I don’t feel lost in searchings anymore. She works in Church. I had many punks, criminals, drug addicts and junkies ‘‘friends’’ all my life and then all new Christian friends around the world showed up. I now even have a some Priest friends.
I was wrong about Christians. Yes there are bad people everywhere, thats the true nature of life in Earth. There is always fight between good and evil.
But now I am truly not alone, supported at physical and spiritual levels.
I am very thankful and happy for this.
We need to support each other, but never forget to stay in prayer state of mind and connected with God as much as possible.
Take AA Higher Power blessings as a gift, but also don’t forget to go to Church and give prayers and thanks for those miracles and His Love.


Day 103 … had a bit of a wobble after my meeting today … the thought of going back to work on Friday after 2 weeks off filled me with fear and anxiety… the lady i work with is a total bitch … she knows im in recovery but still likes to ask and talk about my favourite wine … now ive sat and thought about this did my praying ive realised im lucky to have a 2 day a week job it supports myself and millie … maybe ive been keeping too safe in my own little world of family and aa that i gotta get back to real life … ive never thought about this deeply before ive always just picked up and smoked through my problems… i suppose this is grown up real life … happy Tuesday my ts family x


Wow! Well done on getting, being and staying strong for 8 months @Mtrav0040 Mitch - great work!

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22 days sober today :hugs: