Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Once you can become comfortable being uncomfortable, life becomes vastly easier due to the fact you can get thru anything…


Thanks Peace, honored to share this place with you!

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Thanks Geo!!

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Mel, always love discussing the depth of feelings that this crazy journey brings! Proud to know you!


Your so right … think ive got to comfortable being in my own little bubble ! Back to the real world 4 me !!! Sending lots of love x

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Oh I know it.
It’s super easy to become comfortable in our routines. Especially early in sobriety. One can have a tendency to coddle onesself. We stop experiencing hellacious situations and immediately soften. Which is why it’s important to do one thing that sucks every day lol


This is where I would unapologetically get up and leave in the middle of conversation. It’s likely that she is either ignorant or your situation or she’s trying to push buttons. Either way, you’re not obligated to sit back and take it. Address it head on with tact and it may be simpler than you think to nip it in the bud.


Day one, take nr 7


Woke up and saw this

Yesterday was 4 hours of driving and 6 hours of a workshop. Treated myself to my favorite spa since I was in the area. It’s amazing when I can find a therapist who will listen to me and not just give me a basic massage. Sore today but I feel so much better.
No cravings the past couple days but I’m sure they will return.

Hope you all have an awesome sober day.


That looks like an amazing place to be.

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Hello all,

Checking in on Day 291.



Thank you, it’s reading the stories of you and others on this forum that have helped me to have hope that it does get better.


Nine private and unique tub rooms :heart_eyes: that place is goals.
I’ve been planning my future business. I want to create a wellness center and have hot and cold plunges, it’s extremely therapeutic. I need to find an investor or somehow get rich :joy:


You and me both hahahah


So had a few crazy things happen this past week. First, found out Wednesday that the owner of our duplex passed away, well he was trying to sell the house. Son inherited the estate. Realtor tried to get us evicted. Son wants to know what it would take for us to agree to him buying us out of our lease early, we’re waiting on housing to know when we’ll move. I know who I’ll never use as a realtor :wink: felt bad for the son though! Then Sunday night, my uncle was saying some suicidally inclined things to my grandma, who called me in a panic, but my dad went over to my uncle’s place and they visited and he calmed down. That situation had my anxiety trying to take control. But I remained calm, talked to my HP, and things worked out. Now my roommate and I are just looking at different places so we are prepared when we know when we get to actually move! Thankful for this program to help me be able to actually handle these types of situations!


Found it!!!

Im staying at the Royal Lancaster near Hyde park.


Never…I repeat NEVER use the in-room coffee maker.


Wow, 8 months is wonderful!!! You rock!

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Your so right thankyou… been talking to my sponsor and she says the same . Im gonna go in earlier on Friday and ask 4 a chat with her . The hardest thing is she sleeps with my boss ! So i cant even talk to hom about this! X


Oh your so lucky!Hyde park is beautiful x enjoy your stay how long r u over for x