Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Ugh, office politics :angry:


Lolol. So bring coffee maker to hotel is what you saying?


Day 731 - this is the first day of my third year sober, a day at a time of course.

I was travelling for work all day yesterday, it was busy but a great experience, today I was in the office until lunch time, then worked from home and enjoyed the sunshine on my balcony typing up a report. #soberlife - pretty uneventful in a wonderful way.

Looking forward to seeing my family this weekend, 2 years ago today I was full of guilt, shame and remorse for the things I had said to them. There is hope, things can get better, get working on it.

Stay strong and stay sober.


We are leaving Thursday morning, gonna go explore a couple other places then coming back Sunday, leaving for home on Tuesday.

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They never clean them. Even if some a- hole guests haven’t pissed or worse in it, there is mold bacteria and viruses in most machines.

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Omg. I’m going to be sick.


I can only imagine!

@Geo it’s not coffee time and yet, here I am… peer pressure brought me to this.


During my last job, one of my industry verticals was hotel/hospitality. I had access to all kinds of market reports, one of which was “how dirty is your room?” 50% of the inroom coffee machines tested positive for e-coli. Worse, 100% of the TV remotes tested were contaminated.


That is so awesome! Imma get me some of that 3 year stuff you’re taking about. I’m on the hardest part of day 2 right now. This is where I usually turn the wheel and go off roading. I’m not going to drink tonight. Keeping a positive mind is a huge thing that helps me.

Glad you’re here. You’re definitely an inspiration to keep on keeping on :hugs:

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Have u done Buckingham palace? Thats near you … Covent garden is lovely as well… you can c all the street acts . Hpw lucky r u for the weather. Its been great this week… oh if u get time try Camden… if u walk out of tube station turn right and u come to a beautiful carnal with lots of little hippy market stools x


Yup! Went to all those places! Went to camden market twice, took my wife there today when she had a break. Earlier I went to Covent garden solo, then wandered down across the thames. And the weather! Wow! I think I hit the jackpot!


Instead of thinking “I’m not going to drink” try training your thoughts in a positive manner to something like “I want to be sober” this really helped my positive mindset. It takes abit of practice but its worth a try.

Days may seem long just now, but take reassurance from the fact this passes and things normalise again and usually sooner than you think.

Keep going, dig deep when you need to and you’ll get there.

  1. Feeling like my journey is just starting. It’s my 2nd day at my new job and I already know in my mind that this isn’t my long time career. It’s not my passion. However, I do see it benefiting me while I work towards some bigger goals. I might be getting ahead of myself here and I might not. But I can’t commit to a life of complacency anymore. I can’t choose to make decisions out of fear. And I can’t dim my light for others to feel brighter.


Your getting to visit so many places. Enjoy the rest of your stay x




I think we both joined here around the same time. Man… I would be where you’re at if I would have stayed the path!! Ugh!!! Lol

I totally agree and that’s what I tell myself. Positive thinking and getting excited about being sober. That’s what I did last time. Fake it till you make it. Eventually you start believing the things you tell yourself and things get much easier. My days are ok for the most part, it’s just that drive home that gets me. I would go the long way home so I couldn’t pass any stores but then I come to realize, if I do end up making a plan to drink, it’s going to happen regardless of where I’m at logistically. I have to keep myself from not getting to the point of no return and positive thinking is the most important for me.

Wish I was on year 3 with you but I’ll get there!


Meh! I’m getting the shakes over here.
But yeah, there are so many gross things out there. I had 2 hygiene trainings so far for my job and oh my God what they told us about hospitals, trains, keyboards or mobile phones :mask:


Thats a nice area to live at. Couple of years ago i was living very close to that for several months :+1:

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Has it turned chill now Dan? Big coat and scarf!

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Hey, you can get here and beyond, now is your time - grasp the opportunity, you’re back giving it a go and thats very admirable.