Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Have u tried aa ? I tried for 20 years to get soba and clean… nothing worked… cos i kept doing the same shit … thinking i could do it on my own … the moment i went to aa everything changed for me. I had real support with people like myself… i got myself a sponsor and working through the 12 steps and without it id still be a drunk taking crack and heroin… x good luck x your worth it x


Good going @Charlie_C. Get back in the saddle. Never give up!

I have a question if you don’t mind me asking.

When you relapse, what is your routine? Do you go to the bar? Hang out with buddies? Keep a stash at home?

I cannot recall you sharing your MO. It helps when people here share a few more details so that others can offer more applicable solutions. Thanks.


Hey everyone, I’m checking in on day 57. Almost to 2 months. I like it. Thanks.


Can you come to visit more often please and bring this sunshine with you :sun_with_face:

Where else have you got lined up to go while you’re here?


Ah yes the new job… How is the commute? Hope you’ve got some nice new colleagues and you’re enjoying being around people a bit more.

Do you know what you want to do as a career?

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I have a garden full of them :see_no_evil: Mainly through laziness but they are pretty good for the pollinators, so that’s a bonus. And apparently they are edible and pretty good for you.


It’s about a 10min drive… So I really can’t complain and shouldn’t lol

I want to get as high up in this company as possible (accounting department), try to save as frequently as possible… Travel a little in between… And then set up some kind of home in the country on a sustainable farm. Are there careers for this :face_with_monocle:

So far the other women in the office seem really easy going. I’m happy about it today :blush: thank you so much for asking! How’s things going after your year milestone? Do you feel different?


Hahaha! Er can we just check … when exactly do you think coffee time is ? Just asking for a friend (@Geo :joy:).


10 minute commute sounds lovely! I went from home working to an office and I love it in lots of ways but my commute sucks. I’m working in the environmental sector though and there aren’t many other opportunities to do that (in my role at least) so I feel like the trade off is worth it for now.

Like you though I would love to get some land and do some sustainable farming… Snap! Although this is something I have zero experience of and no idea how to make that happen. But we’ve just got some chickens and I’m going to sign up for an allotment so that feels like very baby steps towards working this kind of stuff out :joy: Didn’t you live off grid for a while?

I do feel a bit different post the one year. I was feeling pretty solid in sobriety but I guess it’s cemented that. I did a post on Facebook too which kind of made it more public and official, even though it’s not something I’ve kept secret.

I’m not in the best place mental health wise but I’m putting one foot in front of the other and doing my best.


Day 134 and I’m trucking on. I got a good sleep last night so I’m sure that will help. Feeling like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders at the moment between work and family but I know that come what may, the troubles and worries won’t last for ever. Your posts have cheered me up a lot :blush:. Well done @aircircle on your flaming chip - 7 months is a lot of hard yards and triumphs. And congratulations, @Misz, your big 30 days! I was so excited to hit that milestone - well done. I hope you enjoy the day and do something nice for yourself.
Y’all Stay Gold now :boom::zap::star:


Ha! Coffee time is anytime before 13:00. After that and I’ll be up all night. :wink:


I love the thought of living in the country on a sustainable farm. But i think it will always be a dream as i have no clue of planting, harvesting etc…

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As far as the UK goes, I’m not sure. We might head over to Liverpool. We are taking some day trips starting tomorrow. Paris is on the list. My wife grew up in Germany and has been all.over Europe, but never Paris. We’re gonna make her dream come true! :blush:

And you know, when we left Seattle, it was unseasonably warm, the sun followed us because it’s once again raining there. Funny how that is?


8 months is great, congratulations @Mtrav0040 :tada: Well done!

And @Lila 1 month for you, that’ s awesome! Hard work pays out isn’t it. Beautiful spa you have visited! :heart_eyes:

Hello and welcome @Juno. You can do it! Not try, do it! Read here, learn about your addiction, and come here and ask for help when you need it. Be gentle for yourself: fill your fridge with nice healthy foods, sleep when you can. I believe in you!! :facepunch:

Nothing wrong with a field of dandelions @Thirdmonkey Love them too:

:heart_eyes: Great picture @aircircle! Congratulations with your chip :heart:

@Charlie_C, you are changing your sober plan, that’s great. You have to change something if you want a change. You are strong and determinated, push trough! :facepunch:

Glad you had a good night sleep @Peace12 :heart:


Really feel like going to work again on my day 80!! So glad I like the job…gives a lot of energy!! Screenshot_20190515_081751
Have a fantastic and smart day you all! :two_hearts:


Day 240 :coffee:
Nothing much to share. Had cravings yesterday because of the nice weather and the fact that my spouse is abroad for work. All alone in my house sitting in the sun in the yard. Beer and a open bottle of wine in the fridge :unamused: Nasty thoughts: if I would drink now nobody will notice, I only take 2 to unwind. Juk! :angry:
Got myself a big glas of water and a bowl of icecream. I hate that voice! When I drank it talked to me every day. Now it’s only now and then. Glad I could tackle this time.


Can’t beat a good nights sleep… you say your troubles wont last forever… that is so true … i hope u have a great day x

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Liverpool is awesome. If you do go I would recommend getting some food on Bold Street - Leaf is my favourite for brunch or lunch. Good food and brilliant tea selection! But there are lots of nice places to eat down there.

And Paris sounds like a good idea. One of my colleagues recently went, took the Eurostar and said it was a good way of doing it, although they went for a weekend. Not sure how the timings compare to flying.


Thank you Natalie. Thank you for reaching out :blush:


3 months :slight_smile: