Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Good job! Dont listen to this voice. My old “drinking buddy” did not speak to me for a while, but i fear he is waiting behind the next corner, but other than in the past i am well prepared to ignore him :wink:


@Charlie_C - welcome back. A thing we have been talking about at my meetings lately is that the easier, softer way is in fact taking all the suggestions. For me, that includes going to daily meetings for the first 3 months (and I still go to 5-7 a week), checking in here at least twice a day, journaling my feelings and writing a nightly gratitude list, being aware of HALT always, avoiding situations with alcohol, ensuring those around me know I am committed to my sobriety, connecting with other alcoholics throughout the day, and many other things. It took me turning my mind 100% to my recovery and ensuring I did the next right thing at every turn.

We often make things harder for ourselves and that includes thinking we can do it our way. I’m glad you are back and I hope you take the suggestions from your sponsor. :slight_smile:


Day 1. So far so good. In search for inner peace and happiness. I have faith.


Congratulations :boom::tada::partying_face:


Good morning TS checking in on day 75 and writing with a heavy heart, this morning I was supposed to go over to my boyfriend's to get some of my things I was living there 75 days ago while using and he messaged me at 530 that he was so excited to see em he had been up all night and if I wanted to come later that was fine I told him I had been up all night too but for me it was for different reasons I knew what I had to do the relationship was stagnant and we've just been going through the motions we message for approximately 5 minutes a day it is very one sided we've seen seen each other once this whole time and worst he's offered me opiates because he is taking pills yeah maybe it's not dope but he's using he even offered me some yesterday to get today cause he knew how bad my ankle and knee had been hurting I love him I want him to get better but it's for my best interest and I'm the least selfish person but I have to be selfish with this and I know it today is going to be emotional and tough I want him to get help and motivated with his life so bad but I can't force him, anyways I told him these things and asked if I could come another day to get my stuff he was very sweet about it like always which makes it harder sometimes I wish he was mean to me I mean he doesn't show me much attention he's stolen from me and our whole relationship together was fueled by drugs but it's just hard to watch someone you care for not move forward like you are it's hard trying to drag someone with you. Sorry for ranting guys thanks for listening


Good morning friends. Here’s to a great day 1! Off to the gym.


Hello all,

Checking in on Day 292.



That’s tough Kristen, it always is but for what it’s worth, I think you are doing the right thing. You have to put your sobriety first and you know as well as we all do, your partner needs to make his own choices. Stay strong and keep your head up.


Thank you so much @Peace12! I’ve been crying all morning I hurt for him, I know he loves me he’s got such a good heart he just doesn’t show it right and I can’t keep trying to save him, he said so many things out of desperation this morning I felt so bad I know it will pass I’m just a really emotional person and I want to know he’s going to be ok I don’t want to be the reason he picks up dope again I don’t want that call…


I hear you loud and clear x❤️

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Thank you love :heart:


How will you travel to France? If by Calais, id suggest to visit some beautiful coastal towns of Normandie like Honfleur and Trouville (why not Omaha Beach) on your way to Paris.


Hugs and happiness energy on your day 80, @Andreanova from Hanna :hugs::rainbow::sun_with_face:

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I’m sorry that you’re having a rough time :cry:


Thank you so much it really means a lot!!

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Checking in day 47.


Checking in on Day 81. Signing paperwork in a bit for the new place, ready to be out of the old place, and leave the not so great memories behind with it.

Have a strong day!!!


Next Stop: 600 days


This is my goal as well! If we can’t have kids I get goats as a consolation prize.


Yey :white_flower: amazing !!!

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