Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Agreed. If I am having a rough time or something is on my mind, one or both of them will just come sit/lie with me and nuzzle up against me. They really have a sense for these things. The best friends we could ever have, always there, always full of love for us.

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It’s so hard being a home alone drinker. I can’t avoid my home.

I totally get this; I was the same.

For me, I couldn’t avoid being home alone - but I could avoid being alone with my thoughts until the urge passed. I had to call folks and talk through whatever was going on in my head. I had to reach out here. I wrote letters to myself. I threw rocks in my back yard. I dug in the dirt. I did whatever…until the urge to drink had passed or until I could get to a meeting. Feel free to PM me when that urge hits. I’ll help you get to the other side. You have done this before - you can do it again.


Thank you! It’s so hard!!! And I’m a happy drinker, when I have a good day which is all the time, I get happy and want to drink. Ugh! Lol

My #1trigger of the day is when I’m driving home. If I can. Just. Get. Home… I’m good. That 15 min drive home from work is a MF.


I get this too. That used to be me when I was still working outside my home. Good day? Stop at the bar. Bad day? Stop at the bar. Either? Stop at the store and pick up some for later.

Maybe change your route home for a bit if it takes you away from the usual places/stores? Listen to a recovery podcast or meditation on the drive?


Thatd great…im going to do it too



Day 100!
Woo hoo triple digits. My tulips are happy too!


So very well done!! I noticed a significant different in how I felt after I passed the 100 day mark. It’s an amazing accomplishment :hearts::bird:

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Such a great photo. All genuine smiles :slight_smile: Great job on 390! An incredible accomplishment.

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My spouse is out of town at job training for the week. Always tough for me. My brain is constantly dropping not-so-subtle hints that I have more opportunities to act out.

It’s alright, I won’t. I’ve worked hard to get here and there’s nothing left there but a sense of emptiness. Though I will admit it’s been trying to appeal to me in every way possible. Like, “what is a rock solid excuse that I can cook up that will justify acting out?” The good news is I haven’t thought of one that all you beautiful, accountable people would buy.

It’s my son’s 4th birthday tomorrow. He’s nearly riding his bike solo and he’s fearless. There’s nothing he won’t try to get what wants and there’s no one he won’t stare down if they’re standing in his way. Yet he’s considerate and compassionate to most creatures. He’s really smart and has a vocabulary most kindergartners can’t come close to. I look forward to being present in his life. I am so grateful for that gift.


Wow! Holy heck that’s AWESOME! :100: :100: :100: :100: :100::boom::tada::star::zap:


Congrats! :hugs::tulip: These will look perfectly the same once they open


Day 104 … had a beautiful moment in church this morning… i took my steps 6 and 7. Ive tried doing theses steps at home but it didn’t feel right 4 me and im so wanting to get this right the only place r me is my church. Afterwards i went to see my wonderful sponsor. We sat in her garden drinking coffee and planning my next steps . Im so blessed and greatful to get given this gift of life . I saw Millie after school then her dad picked her up only one more night away and shes back home for the next 4 days . Life feels so different to 104 days ago i feel so different. Happy weds ts family x


You’re so amazing :heart_eyes:


Im trying my best !!! R u feeling any better x

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Yes thank you I’m still hurting but I know that like my tattoo says this too shall pass…


You really are @Natnat

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For bookkeeping, yes, it’s definitely in the back of my mind :slight_smile:


It will hun … i know its so painful but i deserve to be loved and not put in any danger… im always here for you x

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Hi Everyone. 6.5 hours left of day 1. I relapsed last night. I am going to work on my steps tonight and not repeat what led to the relapse tonight. Sobriety is so much better than acting out!