Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Wow! Happy triple digits :sparkles:

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Well done @Stac :tada:


Hope your little boy has a great birthday…is he in uk with u x


You go girl!!! Super proud of you!

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Day 315.

I fed baby lambs. Not much else to say :rofl:


Happy birthday to your son and I hope you’ll have a blast! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:

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Congrats @Stac and @Kintsugi. Awesome!!! :+1:


Feeling very strong with not drinking but feeling like I need to work on myself more. I feel resentment, anger, and selfishness. I need to come from a place of love and selflessness.

This is so me!!! :speak_no_evil: I need to work on myself more too.


Day 52 for me and wow how tempted was I, so much so i bought 2 cans of beer and have them in my bag. I have however resisted and the feeling has subsided, but it was strong urge. I am feeling all righteous and accomplished now :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:. Stay strong everyone and have a great evening from a sunny UK.


Beautiful update, stay strong x


Nope, I’m from the states. But thanks!


Congrats! You have been such an inspiration

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Day one! Had a long long night with no sleep at all. But I was prepared for that. Made a long list of interesting videos on YouTube. I like too watch science videos that explain everything from the smallest too the biggest things in our universe. Thanks to Veratasium, Smarter Everyday, V-sauce, Spacerip and Engineering Connections (YouTube channels) I made it through the first night. Got out of bed early, cause I want to enjoy the mornings and sunrises, walked the dog for two hours, cleaned the house and baked fresh bread. Now enjoying the sun and preparing some spreads to go with the bread. Making hummus, aïoli, and some cream cheese with fresh herbs and yes its asparagus season here in the Netherlands. Making soup from the leftovers and going for an grilled asparagus salad with honey mustard dressing, roasted pistach and bell pepper and rocket lettuce.


67 days. Feeling strong and have no cravings but a bit discontent with myself. I want to grow. I need to work on myself. :slight_smile:


Thank you Scott :heart_eyes: So are you


Amazing, congratulations, this is huge :grinning::grinning::grinning:

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480 days of sobriety today. 480 mornings NOT hungover. Starting to love myself again and not feel guilty all the time. Learning to cope with ups and downs without alcohol. All good things!! :blue_heart:


Day 67 sober. Another good day and a lunch with friends. After 3 years of almost continuous relapses this Time is a Gift. I can be present


@keiti glad that we are sober. I guess right now you are a sober twin :man:t4:‍🦱:child:t4:

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Feeling today: Sad. Kids were listening to a song about Brasil/Rio de Janeiro/party at the beach. Listening to the song i realized that i might never be able to party (drink cocktails) at the beach in Brasil. It felt like : Why me? Why can (almost) everybody just have drinks and cocktails at the beach? Is it my fault? Did i f*ck this up, by this stupid drinking purely because of boredom? Or is it genetic? Looking back at the beginning of drinking when i was like 17/18 i was always proud that i can drink more then my friends, but i was also often the one that blacked out, at times when we were drinking maybe just once a month. Almost every party ended in a black out.
Sorry for venting, but thanks for listening.

I guess i have to find something else that i can do at the beaches in Brasil if i ever make it there.

Staying strong and sober.