Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Checking in and starting over. I’m so mad at myself. It started so slow and the next thing I know, I’m getting sick, almost lost my job and missed my sons 8th grade graduation so I could drink. Sad :cry:


Good morning day 96 and all people in this forum. Hoping you all are staying sober today :blush::pray:

Early morning here in Sweden and I just did morning meditation on the bus to work. Great app, daily calm. Giving new quotes every day and telling me that I am great. Thank you daily calm :blush: “The universe is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to become sharper”.

We’re making our senses sharper by staying sober :blush:

Have a wonderful sober Tuesday! Hugs from Jenny in :sweden:


Checking in day 57! And day 2 without sig! Glad i made the decision again: feel i’m ready for it:-) although my small vape helps me​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::innocent: sunny greetings and just for today beautiful friends!:four_leaf_clover::sunny:️:heart:️:raising_hand_woman::turtle:


Checking in on day 143. Feeling a little down for the last two days and don’t know really why. This would be my classic mood for getting wasted. Trying to stay patient and doing lots of meditation. Stay strong everybody! :rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow::rainbow:


Day 37 checking in … was a busy Monday and I’m going in early to work this morning… my youngest son it trekking to the west … he’s in Colorado now … Garden of the Gods … prayers for safety now and for him to get home safely as well … he’s headed to the Rainbow Festival in Oregon and should be returning after 4th of July … speaking from a mothers heart :heart:️… you NEVER stop worrying about your kids … no matter what age … HAPPY SOBER TUESDAY TO ALL!! Thank goodness I have yoga tonight… DESTRESS … SMILE


I love this idea! I’m kind of in and out on the Forum so I won’t be checking in all to regularly sadly but I’m so happy that all of you guys are here. Even if you hit the reset button, or just decided to snooze for a little bit, you are doing just fine. I am happy that you are alive. And I I’m happy that you are trying. And I have all of the faith in the world in you. I have 10 days until I am nine months sober, just over five and a half years of Narcotics, and just over a year and 7 months free of self-harm. There is hope in the sunrise, and I believe in you friends!


Day 39, going strong and loving sobriety, thoughts of drinking are pretty much gone, I’m more thinking about staying sober as I want it so much, not letting my guard down though. Have a great day everyone.

Stay strong and stay sober.


Good morning. I’m checking in. 91 days porn and MB free. Have a super sober day everybody! :slight_smile:


Day 67. I love this - ‘Happiness is not an accident nor something you wish for…’ No, I get to choose! Today I choose to be happy or at least look for the positive and sobriety!
Wishing everyone a beautiful day! Stay strong and diligent.


Yey day 110! Seeing alot of big numbers! Congratulations everyone


Amazing work @anon69871201 you are absolutely smashing it. Congrats on your 59! Nearly there :wink:


Awesome work @justbreathe77. Happy positive choices :muscle:


Hello everyone. I hope it’s alright for newbies to post here. I’m just checking in with 24 hours sober!


@Daithi That’s how I feel. Staying sober is my top priority. I am focused and commited to a life without alcoholic.


@justbreathe77 We are on rhe same page.


@BWASB We all started with 24 hours. Welcome and don’t be a stranger. Hope to see you tomorrow. Remember, one day at a time.


Keep killing it u at 200!!! wow!


Day 72! Wow. I just made it thru one of the WORST WEEKENDS OF MY ENTIRE LIFE!!!

I saw my daughter only 2 hours the entire weekend. super messed up even thou i stayed SOBER the entire time!

I CRIED SO HARD LIKE NEVER BEFORE. But I am here still crying…and i know im not alone bc of y’all. And Im crying sober!

Thank u and I love you all! Day 72 family!


Checking in. Day 161. So many great posts this morning. You rock. It will be hot as Hades today in DEN. Temps in the high 90s. Going to the gym this mornimg then staying inside until my AA meeting tonight. Be sure to read @Melrm post in (blank) Anonymous Meeting. Great post. Stay sober, be happy.


@mindscape I think you should edit out your ex gf’s name. Not needed.