Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Great job!


Checking in 43 days sober. Feeling truly happy most times, although I’ve had a couple of low key cravings for wine, but my overriding emotion is a true fear of relapsing and losing all my progress.


Feeling blessed by all the good and nice things coming on my path. My higher power (which is ‘time’) gives all that to me.


Checking in going strong


Ready for the day!


Same date! We can almost eat some :cake::cake::cake: together!!:heart:️:four_leaf_clover::v:


Checking. 54 hours sober. At Urgent Care but I’m okay, just can’t sleep.


Day 23. Went to a dance class yesterday, folklore…danced for 2 hours. Iz was super intense. I’m gonna be sooo sore by the end of the day but I’m so happy. This is gonna be a good workout twice a week. So far so good :slight_smile:


Day 103.
It gives me kind of satisfaction that people get uncomfortable when I order a soda and they want to order a beer and than hesitate because I am not drinking :joy::joy::joy:


Day 3 and loving it…


Today is good so far. Rode motorcycle to work, got some squats in at the gym, already being productive. Last night was a little rough bc I had dinner with a friend who’s a skeptic and really anti-AA. We had a good talk about it but it ruffled my feathers a little. Called another friend to talk it out and felt a lot better after. It’s day 18 and it’ll be smooth going, I think.


I can’t wait until I build up the confidence to not be the awkward one when not ordering alcohol. Good for you, That’s rad!


Don’t feel bad! Maybe get into another thing that excites you too. Yoga when you feel like it, other-thing when you feel like that… Even just walking around is good. It’ll get easier, just keep trying and give yourself credit when you DO something. You went to yoga twice! Twice is infinitely better than never! Maybe don’t worry about keeping track of what you did and didn’t do, and just talk to yourself in the moment. What is good for you right now? Rest or movement? Sometimes the answer is rest, but plan and schedule that movement so you have more opportunities to make that decision. If you want health, bounce and vibrance, let that motivate you, not the negatives. Our bodies will always be lacking something, so cut it some slack, do it for the feeling of health, and real the benefits later when suddenly you realize nothing fits quite right in a good way. :slight_smile: best wishes to you lovely. Last thing: it’s 80% diet. Eat healthy and it will show. Sorry for the crazy response, I know where you’re coming from bc I’ve been there many times!


Checking in day 169


Checking in at day 66. Feeling like crap, home sick with a nasty upper respatory / sinus and ear infection; have body aches and nausea. Would normally be drinking a glass of wine but I know it would probably only make me feel worse. :face_with_thermometer:


Day 17…there have been a lot of ups and downs but overall feeling great and working hard to stay sober.


Be kind to yourself today :rose::tulip::hibiscus:


5 weeks sober!!! :dancer::dancer::dancer:Not a day passes that i dont want a drink but i refuse to give in. Not today anyway.


321 days alcohol free… 30 something days cigarette free. Happy hump day


Checking in, day 35 :heart: