Checking in daily to help maintain focus


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Here in the netherlands it is beautifull weather too! :sunny:️:sunny:️


Day 288. Everything is going well other than struggling with everyday things like work-life balance.

I woke from a nightmare yesterday. Part of the nightmare was feeling drunk but only for a few seconds. It was like my brain wanted to remind me but knew it wasn’t something that I would identify with anymore. In other words it didn’t scare me so my brain switched tactics back to having me deal with my car getting towed.

If that’s my biggest fear these days things are pretty good. :slight_smile:


31 days today. Still working intensive outpatient and hopefully saving my family. It’s a struggle most days but I’m doing it and not quitting like I have everything else in my life.


3 weeks today :slight_smile: Feeling strong and confident. Great things are in front of me!


1 week today, feeling motivated! I have a huge exam Wednesday tho so this week is going to be challenging, and normally I would drink away my stress come Friday, so I need to stay focused!


All good. A lot of us do this.


Gooooooooooood mooooooooooooorning sooooooooooooberrrrr friiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeends :cowboy_hat_face:


Day 205. Feels just like day 203.

Thinking about changing my name to Eyeore (sp).


eight days: I’m proud


Day 257. If you look South from Australia, South America, or Southern Africa you will see all the same starts rotating on a fixed point above the south pole. This would be absolutely impossible on a flat earth. Therefore the world truely is round and my heart hurts. Sorry @Purveyorofdoom0406😭


Checking in. At a pub. Driving so I feel okay. 42 hours sober.


Designated driver always worked for me too.


Checking in Day 125. Have a great day ahead.


Checking in day 22.
I was super happy about doing yoga, but it lasted 2 days. Just can’t push myself. I’m not fat but have these 3,4 kg which bother me that I’ve gained in the past 3 months, and my body is like pudding…it wiggles :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::see_no_evil: bothers the hell out of me but I love my bed more :sob::sob::sob::sob:


17 days sober and going strong… feels like 17 weeks :tired_face:


Great job!


Checking in 43 days sober. Feeling truly happy most times, although I’ve had a couple of low key cravings for wine, but my overriding emotion is a true fear of relapsing and losing all my progress.


Feeling blessed by all the good and nice things coming on my path. My higher power (which is ‘time’) gives all that to me.


Checking in going strong