Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Bring something non-alcoholic that you prefer that you can drink for the night. Have a way to leave any time you feel you need to. Plan what you are going to say when people asks if you want a drink or why you aren’t drinking. Hope this helps.


It does :smile:
I’m going with the 'The medication I’m on can’t be taken with alcohol". I think it will put a hard stop to anyone trying to persuade me


Okay I think you might notice that drunks will be annoying. But you can do it. Eat like a competitive eater. When bloated I seldom wanted to drink. But that never fixed that stupid need I once had. But make or buy something just for yourself to drink. Protect yourself as much as possible. Go to the quiet part of the house and come here and read a post or two and get in your recovery mindset. Sorry I replied to the wrong person. Meant for @Blithe_Oddity


Day 6: last night a drug rep took my company out for dinner and there was free wine galore. I didn’t drink. My anxiety was through the roof, I’m awkward in social settings and i usually mask my anxiety with alcohol. But I made it through without drinking so I’m very happy about that.

On another note, the past several days when I wake up I keep thinking I’m going to be hungover. Has anyone experienced this? Like this morning when my alarm went off, I seriously had thoughts like “what happened last night?” Even though I’m not drinking, is it because my body is so use to waking up feeling hungover? So strange…

Anyway, I hope everyone has a great day, stay strong!


I wake up usually with a headache and I’m sober, but I haven’t woken up wondering about the night before. I know what you mean with social settings though, slowly trying to be okay in social situations while sober.


Woohoo! Reached 7+ days! I’ve told everyone this time around that I’m done drinking. First time I’ve come to terms with it in my head. Feels very right to admit that I’ll never drink again.


18 days free of weed


4 months today


24 days and counting today! Wishing this dreaded fatigue would finally go away, but thankful it’s from recovery and not a hangover.


Congratulations!! 4 months is a long time :blush:


Checking in on day 345. :slight_smile:


2 months sober from heroin, and now 3 days since my last relapse with meth. Proud to say i did not give in to my cravings last night! They were bad, but i was strong enough to say no! Woke up feeling like a million bucks!


Checking in to help maintain focus.


Awesome. Way to go.


Yeah, Inwoke up with a headache (sober) for the first ten days… Maybe a symptom of withdrawal?




I think so, that and the combination of not being able to get to sleep sober as easily, lol getting barely any sleep still.


I promise it gets so much better!!


Checking in, 80 days no alcohol! Excited about my continued sobriety. Bummed I am sick AGAIN! Was really sick most of October, some of November and now down again. This time pretty sure it’s the flu. Screw you germs and viruses!!


Celebrating my first clean week!! :v::v::v::v::v: