Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Happy Tuesday everybody. :slight_smile:
I am 24 days sober today.
This morning one of my coworkers said that my skin looked radiant and asked if I changed anything lately because she needed to know what it was. All i could think of was no alcohol for a little over 3 weeks!! Yay!
Also, I’m halfway through the book “This Naked Mind” and I have been really enjoying it the past couple of nights. I stayed up until 1am last night because I couldn’t stop reading. It’s helping me to look at alcohol for what it really is- poison. Not liquid courage, not a stress reliever, not a way to enhance every and all social situations. Which is exactly how we’ve been programmed to see it since childhood. Well now comes the deprogramming.


You should try sleep meditation on YouTube, search for the honest guys or Jason Stephenson sleep meditations. The below one is good to start with.


Not so much a hangover, but I still have to force myself to recall what happened the day and night before. It takes me a while, but I’m starting to remember things quicker than I used to. Maybe my memory is a casualty from all of those years of drinking.




I took Excedrin and drank a gallon of water every day and still had headaches.


I didn’t drink last night!!!:grin:


Great job! I didnt use last night either! One day at a time!


Seriously. I didn’t understand “one day at a time” until “one day” became almost impossible. Now one day makes me happy, relieved, not sick. Here’s to tonight that’s my hard time. Good luck Makkarari! Let’s do this!


I totally understand what you mean! Last night was so bad, i set up to meet with a friend, but i cancelled! I cant believe i was able to do that until now! Good luck! We CAN do it!!!


Beautiful :heart_eyes: one of my favorite things to do is gaze at the sky.


The first month or so I would wake up with hungover feelings. Felt tired, like crap, groggy. I know it was the alcohol withdrawals and my mind and body adjusting. After about 90 days, I started sleeping normally again. I still, at times, wake up tired and not 100%, but that is just life. Some days are good, others not so good, good and bad. I can tell you one thing, feeling like you are a little hungover is not the same as actually having a hangover. We just equate feeling like crap being hungover. Alcohol really takes a toll, more evident when hungover, it affects every part of the body, mind, skin, organs, etc. Keep at it, it gets so much better and better.


Thank you, I was thinking of getting into doing meditation for anxiety and stuff as well.


The sleep apps really helped me the first couple months. I like the one @Daithi shared, I’ll try that one tonight, been a while. There are a lot out there on YouTube, I like some of the woman voices more. A great app is called Calm from google play, it is awesome.


Congrats on 80 days. Sucks being sick. Hopefully you will recover quicker without the hinderance. I got sick after about 4 months, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as when I tried to self medicate my flu.


My “a go-to excuse” is that I have a stomach ulcer (which I don’t, fortunately) and that the acidity in alcohol makes it worse.
That one usually makes people drop the subject pretty quickly.
Good luck, you can do it, just stay strong!


Good morning everyone, I hope that everyone is well today. It’s quite chilly in this part of Japan today, but at least it isn’t raining or anything.
Well, I am now into my 22nd day, and feeling pretty pleased.
I have three more days of Japanese classes, and then I’ll be going to Hiroshima for a couple of days of tourism, then back to the airport and back to central Europe on Tuesday. I’m rather looking forward to getting home, to be honest.
So the holidays are fast approaching… normally, this would be a source of considerable concern for me, since my family is not unknown to imbibe liberally during the holidays. It won’t be such a problem this year, however, since I won’t be back in Canada for Christmas, and will doubtlessly be spending most of the holidays by myself, working pretty much all of the time.
It’s probably best!
Anyway, I suppose that I should get moving. I hope that you all have a good day, and thank you for your posts.


Can’t wait to get to 1 month, half way there.


There’s an app called Insight Timer that has thousands of guided meditations including ones for recovery. There are meditations for sleep, mindfulness, anxiety, you name it. 5 mins or up to an hour. It’s been fun trying them out and seeing which ones connect with me. Calms my anxiety and helps me sleep better.


Okay thanks, I’ll check it out :slight_smile:


Thanks for journaling here. A good read and you’ll enjoy reading back on it as you progress and discover how much you have developed as a person. Japan sounds fascinating, enjoy the rest of your stay and keep posting. Great job on your sobriety so far :+1: