Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day five and going strong. Fun is back and gym is back and both are becoming my favorite thing to do sober. One day at a time. Keep it going everyone


Today has been very challenging but i realized that its not the sobriety that is challenging me, its life. Life challenges me and all the stinky horseshit it throws my way. Drinking at this point would just be a waste. It wouldn’t even bring me out of it. 9 days without a drink, 35 days no weed, 462 days since my last cigarette.


Man, quite the negative post. I have just been lurking as of late, but your last post struck me as out of character. I always enjoyed your thoughts, and i hope you stick around.


267 days. 9 months, 10 steps and 1 day at a time.


19 days off weed, just trying to make it through another day


Day 19. Went out for meal last night - other people had wine but I didn’t and felt really strong for it (and so much better today)


Really like this number - 272 :grin:


Feeling really good :slight_smile: calm, content, vital. excited for small things like my workout tomorrow, and MASSIVELY excited for some big things, like my Xmas trip home to see my family.

Had a killer workout this morning with old friends, and it made me realize how much better my personality is when I’m sober compared to drinking. Sometimes I have it in my head that drinking makes me fun, but I truly believe I’m a much more fun person without it! I am going to be tempted by my holiday party, even considered drinking at it in my head a little bit earlier today … but! I I have already decided I wasn’t going to, so I want to stick to that. I want to be a person of strong will, who means what I say
Anyway, life is good :two_hearts: Feeling So accepting and content. Grateful for each day, and all the people in my life. Six weeks down! :muscle:Today marks day 43!


It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. A lot has happened. So many things I figured I would want to fall right back into pills but I havnt. Havnt even thought about it. I think about it and it makes me sick to my stomach. 276 days!! It’s crazy. I broke up with my boyfriend about a month and a half ago give or take I don’t really remember the day. But i probably should lol. My dad recently passed away as well. And I think his wife is trying to do anything but keep me in the loop on things. Ugh. But I’ve been doing really good! @Charlesfreck hope your doing well yourself! You were a huge support for me in the bringing of my sobriety. It meant so much to me when you made a post about me being missed. I’d like to be back on here regularly now that things have really died down in life. Hope everyone is doing great and gave an even greater sober day :blush:


Checking in Day 182. Have a nice day ahead you all.


Starting 95 days in 2 hours. Body so soar from gym workouts and walking all yesterday. Started at 3A and crashed at 11p. Feeling good. Got alot of stuff to do today.


100 days sober! So happy and always grateful💜


Look at that triple digits. It’s cool to see that number that much larger😉. Congratulations. You are doing great. Best wishes


Good morning to all my recovery friends. So today is 350 days and they are a blessing. My life has improved is ways I didn’t know ever existed. After decades of numbing the world it got to be mundane. Now it’s so far from that feeling. So like so many of my weekends I am going to travel to watch my daughter cheer for college ball tonight. I say this in particular because some of you don’t know my story. Last year at this time I didn’t have much of a relationship with her because my addiction had tore it down. I finally got her to talk to me around March of last year. That was a very difficult three months for me. We were very close but at the end of my activity I was so broken. I didn’t love me how could anyone else. So fast forward to now. We were talking Sunday and she joked with me I’m the one parent that is always there. It made me glow inside to be so part of her life (as much as a 20 year old wants to share with her dad). I can tell each of you who think you can’t do this you are wrong. You can do this! Will it be easy or fun NO it’s hard and it will hurt at times. But for everyone who continues to struggles (just like me) get out of your own way and quit doing this alone. Just like coming to the board is supporting, there’s support in your daily life too. It is so much easier with help. Have a blessed day everyone


Good morning. Checking in at 18 days here. Still inspired and happy to be clear headed.


@Rowan27- Me too, went out with friends to dinner last night. After an initial tug of a craving that came out of nowhere ( it was my first time at a restaurant without ordering a drink), it quickly passed. Must say though it was even a bit hard to walk past the bar. Proud to remain sober!

Day 36-farthest I’ve gone without wine ever. :grinning::grinning:


Beautiful story Chad. I have kids that age too, and your story brought happy tears to my eyes. :heart:️:heart:️


Hi everyone. Another day without alcohol is drawing to a close.
It’s nice to read about all of you doing so well, especially those of you who are making this effort for your children / spouses. That shows, I think, a great deal of strength of character.
As for me, no such luck ! LOL
No kids, no spouse… not even a girlfriend… So, I’m basically trying to do this for myself, just because I had come to the realisation that I was drinking too much, that it was getting out of hand, and had to stop.
So there it is ! I’m halfway through 22 days, and looking forward to my 30-day mark.
Thank you all for your posts, and I wish you all continued strength.


Day 9, almost to 10!


Thank you. I don’t share as much as I used to. But I feel every now and again it can show those starting the journey it’s so worth it!