Checking in daily to help maintain focus


100 days!!!:grinning:


Congratulations! Triple digits that’s a pretty cool looking number. Keep at it. It will get better and better. You have a sober twin just above


I’ve experienced this a couple of times, but I think it’s because I slept so well that I thought I passed out lol.


Checking in on day 25 and I feel fatigued but awesome!


Nice to see so many big numbers. I really like seeing the little numbers of people who decided enough is enough. Great work all of you!


Congratulations for 4 months of sobriety


Good morning everyone! Couldn’t wait to get up and say I did it again last night! No booze since my slip up 3 nights ago! I’m staying positive about it…it means I drank only one night out of 14. That’s awesome for Me! Thank you all for your posts on your successes it really helps me!!!


Me to. I was so elated to see the Five Minute counter and reward on this app! It help make my hope more real.


Checking in day 377. Took the TSA computer based test yesterday and passed! Hoping things will progress from here. Happy humpday.


Why would you want to leave after all the insight and hope you have given so many of us? At least for me, I can never say I’m never going to relapse, and if i quit the forum right now I can garuntee that my mind would not be in a good place… hopefully you come around and decide to stay. You and I are both still infants in this recovery world… I know i learn something new every day when I check the forums. If not, then thank you for everything you have shared with us and goodluck.


Day six and going strong. Maintaining a level head and a clear goal. Being awake is an amazing feeling. Keep it going everyone! It can be done. It will be done


Day 8. Everything is ok but I’m feeling a bit anxious. Thoughts about things I might have done when I drank and blacked out. Nothing too serious and I can’t change yesterday anyway. But I can change today and tomorrow. I love the new me :blush: I hope you are all doing good! Stay strong and sober!


Great news! I’m truly happy for you.


78 days sober today. I’ve been keeping myself busy with work. Too tired to even think of drinking.


You know what I do that too. I get in my head and think of all the lame things I said and did. But somebody pointed out to me on a post one day that everything wasn’t bad, that there were good times too, and that helped me let go, just a little bit of the guilt. And instead of feeling lame and wanting to drink to forget I felt empowered and remembered that as long as I’m sober I’m just me🙄 not some crazy chick on booze. Great job on the 8 days! Hang in there!


Good morning everyone, checking in from Japan on day 23. It looks quite cloudy out, and I think that there may be even a slight sprinkling of snow here and there, but I don’t imagine that it will stick around for long, since the temperature is expected to go up to about 9«C here today.
So now I’m on day 23, and I’m really looking forward to getting to the 1-month mark. That will be AFTER the end of my time here in Japan and after the 17 or 18 hours of travel time that it’s going to take me to get back home to central Europe. I didn’t have any alcohol on the flight on the way over here, and I don’t plan to have any on the flight back! Jet lag is enough of a drag, but jet lag + booze sloshing through your system is even worse.
Okay everyone, I just wanted to say hello… i hope that you all have a good day, and thank you for your posts.
I don’t know if this is going to work properly, but I’m enclosing a photo of the “Golden Pavilion”, in Kyoto, and yes, the whole upper part Is covered with gold.


Wow that’s incredible, very nice picture.


It’s amazing to hear you’re doing so well in spite of everything that’s happening around you @nillafresh, and it’s not like it was so much easier when you first came to the forum. You’re such a fighter, and your posts have never had the slightest hint of self-pity.
It’s yourself and others like you that inspire me, so hearing I helped you is very humbling - thank you.
You have to make sure you don’t get out of that loop with your dad’s passing though - if you’ve got an intuition that something’s not right, it probably isn’t!
Can you get some legal advice or representation? Don’t let things slide, sometimes that’s just what people hope for.
And I really hope you come back as there’s a lot of people on the forum that could benefit from your advice!


170 days clean. 10 more for the big 6 months :sunglasses::slight_smile:


Im on 10. Feeling week.