Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Day 44 :eagle:
Feeling goooood. It’s crazy looking back and realizing I used to think “wow 44 days is a long time!” Whereas now, it feels like a very small stretch of time. I know that it is not, but at the same time I realize that 44 days doesn’t equal recovery haha.
Just really excited about things in my life right now. My health is good, I get to go home for the holidays, and I’ve just been feeling great. My house has become my sanctuary. I keep it very clean, and I’ve fixed it up a lot over the past month-and-a-half. It feels soo great waking up to it, and I’m able to fall asleep content and proud of myself in my little casita :house_with_garden:.
I am a little little bit stressed out about the holiday party for my work this Sunday, but I’m going to stay strong :fist: . It will be easier because I have a final in my environmental economics and policy class the next morning :yum:.
Anyway hope you guys all have an excellent Thursday!


@lola Congratulations on your time! 160 :grin:

@nillafresh Nice to see a post from you and congratulations on keeping it together in tough times.

Day 347. Finished a night class and now I finally get to relax for Christmas.


Good morning from Fukuoka, everyone, and congratulations to everyone who has made it through another day without alcohol (or whatever else.
And to those of you who are new or starting again, congratulations for that step!
Well, over here, things are going all right. This is my last day here, and tomorrow I will be heading off to Hiroshima… i have always wanted to see that dome building that the American nuclear bomb DIDN’T manage to knock down in Hiroshima. I understand that there is a very interesting historical museum there as well, so I’m looking forward to that.
After that, back to Europe on Tuesday.
So the holidays are quickly approaching. I decided to turn down a friend’s invitation to a New Year’s Eve party, I don’t think that I’m quite ready for the kind of social endeavour. Not quite yet, anyway. I’m “only” on day 24, and though I’m pretty happy about that, I don’t have any illusions about having totally recovered! That being said, I am feeling quite well, sleeping decently and my stomach isn’t bothering me anymore! Surely those are good things.
Well, I suppose that I should get moving. Thank you to all of you for your posts, it helps me to read them and to check in here. I hope that you have not minded hearing about my trip to Japan.
Have a good day, everyone.


Man, there is so much I want to tell everyone that is new.

Getting and staying sober for some of us is hard. Everyday that you are not drinking brings new challenges. And sometimes when you are going to sleep you think to yourself I can’t believe I made it through the day without getting f- up. But then you start the day anew and you go to bed thinking the same thing.

At first I didn’t want a higher power but when you feel like your life is lost you eventually become more open to it. I started to believe because I found it to be a necessity not because I saw some blinding white light.

Today I found my sobriety to be quite precarious. Life is not going my way and I decided to become a petulant director of the play. I actually had to call one of my many sponsors and explain to him that I really couldn’t stand it any longer and I was seriously considering getting plastered. We discussed at length how this would help the situation and, at length, I could not give a sufficient answer as to how it could. My pulse rate started to drop and I found myself being able to reason once again. Thank God for the comradarie of AA members.

As I right this I am sitting in the parking lot after blasting my daughter’s coach over something stupid but something I thought was important. Again I was back to being the director. Irrational behavior on my part lead me down the same path this morning.

Fortunately it lead me to the car where I could pray, and reset myself and share the experience with you all.

This is precarious stuff and it takes time. Each obstacle you overcome leads to a inner resolve of staying sober though it does not guarantee sobriety.

I only have a daily reprieve, sometimes a hourly reprieve, and that was proven to me today.

Peace, stop digging, life can be a real fucked. Just don’t drink.

If you read this far Thank you.



17 days sober, glad it’s almost the weekend, looking forward to see family and stay sober.


42 days and I feel like death. I had a lot going on my life over the last 16 months or so and I lost my dad during that time period. Hello, excuse to drink myself into oblivion! I also let my allergy immunotherapy lapse since September and I am paying the price for it now. With that loss, my allergies just didnt seem like a priority. Second sinus infection in 5 weeks. I get to see my allergist tomorrow. I was so tempted to go to the liquor store because hubs is working overtime and I’m home alone but I talked myself down and made a dish for his holiday party tomorrow instead. Going to bed early and hoping to get some rest.


I hope that you feel better soon… and congrats for NOT going to the liquor store !


Excellent job !! I know that triple digits seems like a long way away (I’m only on day 24), but you can do it, and so can I !!


Checking in sober. I was at almost 300 days, then for whatever reasons, started drinking again. Not a lot but enough to realize, I am so over it. Back here and glad to be sober. No more poison, not even a little.


Im on day 11 which makes this a noteable quit for me. Maybe my 6th quit this year that got into double digits


Day seven and going strong. Cravings came in today but I pushed it off. I’m not falling into this trap again. Stay strong everyone. We can overcome anything as long as we believe we can


Checking in… going strong here! I’m so busy with our new 8 week old puppy that I don’t have time to think about or miss drinking!


Checking in Day 184. Have a nice sober and fantastic weekend you all.


It’s the beginning of day 10 for me. Tonight I’m going to celebrate! I managed to get sober for 3 weeks in July/August but after that never got more than 6-7 days. Let’s change this :muscle::muscle::muscle:


6th time is the charm bro!


Congratulations on one week! :+1::tada:


Welcome back @Blueroom


Day 274 and My 40th birthday today. Entering a new decade sober and full of Hope :purple_heart:

Today I will not drink - Hoping the same for all of you out there if that is what you wish!


Congrats on the 274 and the 40!