Checking in daily to help maintain focus


Well happy birthday. Have a great sober day!


Day 11 🖒 picking up Xmas cards today and sending them out for the first time EVER. I’ve been able to get through the past 11 days without drinking even though my fiance has had a beer or 2 every night and drank a bottle of bourbon over the course of 1.5 weeks. I’m feeling pretty dang good about my willpower this time. It makes it much easier when you just tell people you do not want to drink anymore.


Welcome back! I was wondering how you had been doing.


Congratulations and Happy Birthday!


That’s awesome, I definitely find it harder to not drink when it’s around me.


Happy Friday everyone, 21 cannabis free days for me


@Blueroom So glad you are back and fighting the good fight. Stay strong, stay sober.


Day 21. Really like the people at my AA group. It’s such a healing place (can’t believe I just wrote that! But it is).


My motto is “Every sober day is a break for my liver” all those days add up! Keep going!!!


Unfortunately, I relapsed yesterday. So day 1 once again. Let’s push this boulder up the mountain from the ground again


I didn’t drink last night, again! It’s getting to where I’m not obsessing every minute I’m home about wanting a drink. It’s a relief. I’ve been going straight to the kitchen the last 2 nights to experiment with some food for appetizers for Christmas. Them I clean up and play with the doggies. Been going to bed about 9 pm, early, but that’s ok for now.


Great idea! Think I might do the same.:sunglasses:


Yeah im really happy to have tallied around 250 days of sobriety this year. Next year will be even better.


Not easy to maintain focus, but checking in to try and do so. Anger came in sideways last night, leaving me vulnerable, and I caved in. Back to Day One. But I think I learned some things about acceptance, and the will of God, and how these relate to me as an addict. Now if I can only remember when it matters most!


250 days??? That’s like 68% sober for the year! That’s awesome! I maybe had 60 days sober last year😣


18 days sober, almost at the 3 weeks


Good morning everyone, my counter is just about to tick over to 25 days, so I’m pretty happy about that ! It isn’t as long as a good many people on this bulletin board, but it’s pretty good - I think - for me, and I want it to be a harbinger of things to come. Only five more days to a full month ! I can’t wait.
Before then, however, I’ll have about 19 hours of travelling time to get home from Japan, back to central Europe. That’s going to be lo-o-o-ong. Oh well, I’ll have plenty of work to do on my computer during the flight, so that will be an extra incentive NOT to have any alcohol.
So today, leaving Fukuoka on the way to Hiroshima. It’s only about an hour away by high-speed train. By the way, for anyone thinking of visiting Japan for a couple of weeks and travelling around a bit, a JR Rail Pass is definitely the way to go. Rail tickets otherwise can be somewhat dear, so a pass works out well.
Anyway, time for me to finish packing up, my train is at just after 11 AM.
Have a good and sober day everyone, and thanks for your posts.


Yeah i didnt count accurately enough to add it all up but I am going to next year. The goal is still to be as sober as possible for as long as possible. Today is day 12 :blush:


27 days and I am really struggling with cravings but I’m here!


What does your relapse prevention consist of? What do you need to do to calm it down? Keep at it