Checking in daily to help maintain focus


I drink coffee and stare at the day counter on this app lol. I look at myself in the mirror and see how beautiful I am since losing the alcohol bloat. This actually helps me with staying on track. There was alcohol everywhere today but I didn’t give in.


Ugh i really wanted to give in :frowning:


How do you handle him drinking EVERYNIGHT? My fiance drinks every night as well. About 12/15 beers. I’m trying to not let it bother me but I’d be lying if I said it didn’t. This was my decision and don’t expect him to quit but it’s hard when he leaves for work and I’m here with all the leftovers and empty cans.

Even though most people would consider him an alcoholic it doesn’t control him like it does me. Day drinking, hiding it and lost jobs etc. It kind of makes me stronger seeing him that way but sometimes I have to bite my tounge to avoid a fight. He cut down when I first started almost a month ago but it’s back up there. I worry about our future!


Try doing some reading to help pass the time. Im reading the Tao of Sobriety. Theres a lot of books out there.


Day 8 and going strong! Let’s push! All of us! Every day, one day at a time!


Today I’m sober and happy and feel more alive than I have in a long time.
Feeling thankful for the support and encouragement that I get from this forum.
Hope everyone has a great weekend!:slight_smile:


Today I made double digits (10) , I have been tested so many times in the house with my roommate even going so far as opening wine bottles for her, but I started feeling anger and anxiety and even a little jealousy when we went to eat at a restaurant and everyone was drinking. I wanted to just have one drink so I could feel like my old self , crack jokes and not care about what I said. Instead I had to stay sober while everyone else had fun , at least that’s how I felt at the time.The cravings are there but definitely not as bad as the first day, so I’m continuing to take it one day at a time . Without this forum I know I would not have been able to make it.So thanks a bunch everyone :-\:kissing_heart::kissing_heart:_emphasized text_


Just got home from a long work event that will be going on all weekend. I overheard some coworkers talking about getting a big group to go out for drinks when the event is over. I felt jealous… I made sure I won’t be there at the end of the third day to avoid going out. I’m at Day 39… Just one of those things I will have to pass up I guess.


172 days clean… 8 more days to go for a big 6 months


It will be easier next year!


I hope lol


I’m sure that - perhaps once you’re more comfortable and established in your sobriety - you’ll be able to have just as much fun (if not more) as everyone else, regardless of the situation. I’m certainly no expert in this regard, being only on my 25th day, but that’s my suspicion and my hope, both for you and for myself !!
The forum is helpful to all of us, I think, so keep checking in … I know that it certainly helps me !


30 is huge @LNM. Congratulations ! And you should not feel bad about putting yourself first for right now


Hey Chad. How are you? What’s up?


I’m great. How are you


I’ll look for it on Amazon. Thank you


379 days alcohol free. Iv had a rough couple days but what matters most is that I don’t have to drink over bad days anymore and I’m thankful for that. Happy Friday stay safe.


If u do amazon u can get digital dl to the kindle app. Its nice for if u like to copy paste for other folks.


Well quit fam :100: You guys Im up to day 12 not a drop, 38 days no weed, and 465 days since my last cigarette. And if you want to get technical 270 days since I last used my vape.


Check you out man. Those numbers are looking good!