Checking in daily to help maintain focus


19 days sober, had the family Christmas party today, this was the kids table lol.
There were definitely moments that were difficult today. My sister had to get one of her kids and handed her wine into my hand, I started shaking and felt like I was going to start hyperventilating. That was probably the hardest part of the night and I think I did okay, still sober today and had fun once I relaxed.


Checking in 173 days sober. I am travelling to Qatar for the new year celebrations😁


Hi there everyone. I have been silently snooping this forum off and on for a year now, but have never gotten actively involved. Although there were probably a couple of years in my early 20’s where I was a daily drinker, my struggle the last decade has definitely been with binge drinking. I just can’t stop once I get started. This past year I have dabbled with some longer periods of sobriety…the longest being 4 months, but I ultimately always end up drinking to “fit in” for a “special occasion”, and it all goes downhill from there. I am so tired of stopping and starting, and being sick, and having regrets, and trying to please others over myself, and I am really ready to be done, for good. I have recently realized that I am lonely for connection with other sober people though, so here I am, participating, and checking in on day 6 for my first time. :blush:


Well welcome :slight_smile: almost at the one week mark that’s awesome.


Keep it up! It only gets better one day at a time! This is the greatest showing of love you’ve ever shown yourself. Welcome to a better, happier and healthier way of life.


I’m here looking at day 19 tomorrow. To night is safe, but tomorrow is my weak spot. I’ll probably be checking in all day. Ttyl!



Congratulations, you’re doing an excellent job, if I may say so! I was at 15 days not so very long ago (I’m on just about 26.5 now) so I can honestly say that I have some idea how you may be feeling.
Certainly, I think about drinking… walking around in some of the tourist sites around Hiroshima, there is no shortage whatsoever of places to get a drink! I noticed at least one beer brewery and one saké brewery as I wandered around, but every little shop and restaurant and snack bar has at least beer, so there was a lot to avoid.
Last night in my hotel, I just had room service so that I could simply have my 0.0% beer with my food, but since this is my last “real” day of tourism, I may actually go down to the fancy buffet dinner tonight, but I’m suspecting that they will have something other than regular beer or wine. Probably more of the 0% alcohol beer, or maybe some ginger ale or something, I don’t know.
Tomorrow I’m off to Narita, outside Tokyo, from where I fly on Tuesday morning. It will take me a good chunk of the day to get there, complete with changing trains twice. Still, I’m kind of looking forward to getting home.
Thank you for letting me drag all of you along on this trip, thanks very much for the occasional responses to my posts, and a very big thank you for all of your posts and your efforts.


Hi I’m checking in and I am 19 days sober!!!
Love Emily


Day 23. Hope everyone has a good day!


Finally day 3 again after the worse relapse ever. Feel happy even to be healthy and alive after that. But the hardest part of the day is ahead. I am flying today and flights is my biggest triggers :frowning: feeling scared already


Today day 4. Yesterday was a hard day. I was eating out in a restaurant as everybody drunk wine. But I didn’t. Got many questions why. They know that I was sober for 5 years a year ago. But are also thinking I can handle to drink now. But I can’t. I wasn’t honest about my not drinking. I said I gave myself a non alcohol day. Well it was a bit honest😉


I hate theese kind of questions, if you made a choice not to drink its nobodies business :slight_smile:


Most of the time I just answer clearly I am an alkoholic so I cant. Then most of people shuts up cauz dont expect that kind of answer


Same here! I cannot find the right English saying for it. But when you not drink your like spoiling there drinking? In Dutch they say: doe niet zo ongezellig!
It’s like I’m less likeable if I do not drink.


Xa xa xa it really made me laught :smiley: if you dont have enought intelect to talk about things without alkohol so maybe better go to university instead saying people that they have to drink :slight_smile: englisk is also not my original language


By the time we will learn what to answer to them :slight_smile:


Well if medication helps you, why not! It’s hard to stop. So why not take any help you can get. For me being here and read and talk helps me. I hope it helps me enough to keep up. One day at a time, so today I’m not drinking.


Being here helps also a lot a lot :slight_smile: i love this app


Good morning! Day 12 here. Yesterday I met my friends and didn’t drink. It would have been impossible just a few weeks ago. Anyway, what really helps me is grabbing or ordering a non alcoholic drink before I have the time to think. No space for excuses or questions. I can answer all the questions they want to ask me, but only once I have my healthy drink in my hand :grin: today I have another social event and I’ll do the same. Probably I’ll even bring my own favourite drink