Checking in daily to help maintain focus


The first time I was sober I was a member of a Dutch support group. They helped me a lot. But they have no app. Also I want to start in a new group. I feel ashamed to fall back into my old habbit.


I am more and more open about it. Just saying I don’t want to drink anymore because I have noticed that I cannot drink only 1 or 2 glasses but want to finish the bottle, and I feel bad about it. Most people do not react or with a come on have 1 glass, that is not that bad, is it? I think they do not want to listed to their own little demon in their head :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. The first weeks I said that I took painkillers (I did) so I could not take the alcohol. Day 163 and counting :v:


In my 5 years sober period I was open about it. I just said that alcohol and me were not friends anymore. But now my friends thinking I can handle it again. They never see me drunk. For now I hide my reasons why I not drink. At first I would like to get pass the 3 months. I know for me the first 3 months are the hardest.


Honestly, he is able to have a drink or two and not obsess over it like I do in my head. If I start drinking, my thoughts are all over the place about when to have the next drink so that it doesn’t look like I’m drinking too fast, etc. He just isn’t that way. So seeing him drink a beer or two everynight, just makes me realize even more so, how much I really am better off not drinking. I can only be responsible for myself and my actions, so in the end, his drinking doesn’t bother me.


Great idea…may copy you!


13 days! And I’ve been buying beer for my fiance and not having any! F##$ing sweet!


Small feat last night (this morning…) with a rescue drive for some drinkers that knew I would be their sober drive home after a night at an X-mas party/bar hop.
Met them at their final bar. A place I’ve closed out MANY an evening at. Upon entry any and all temptation left me with the smell of stale booze and the desperate looks of patrons nearing last call.
I love dearly those that I was picking up. So I sat with them as they finished their drinks. One turned to me, amid the insanity of another partier offering shots on him to end the night, and he said with a wink, "I guess I felt like I needed to remind you not to drink."
I didn’t need a reminder. But that sure didn’t hurt.
Not sure where I’m going with this thought, beyond conveying that stuff like this will probably happen from time to time in life, and for me it didn’t even feel like a test. But if it were, I passed.
Focus: Maintained


Checking in, day 3.
You know, it might just be me, but when I don’t relapse, the days last longer and my attention span increases like crazy and my paranoia isn’t so hard to control. Something I’ve always noticed but never acknowledged.


Ah! Blessed Clarity. Long live The Yellow King.


Thank you, support is always welcome!


23 off maryjane


Thank you , I think at this point I need to also meet friends that don’t have to get drunk to have fun.


First day checking in and i am on day three sober!


Starting over today. I feel ashamed and disappointed in myself. Feel like shit both mentally and physically.


It’s never an easy feeling, but you keep trying. Don’t feel ashamed, I’ve had more first days than I can remember.


We’re all glad that you’re here. I personally find that checking in here, with reading and even writing the odd post, is actually quite helpful.
Day 3 is a great job, next it will be 13, then 23, etc.


Don’t be too hard on yourself, this sobriety can be a difficult thing !
We all make mistakes, but learning from them is an important thing.
Drink lots of water and try to get some rest… and then tomorrow will be another (sober) day.


It’s ok… youre still checking in and holding yourself accountable. Pick yourself up, forgive yourself, and don’t drink today!


Today 9 months ago on the 17th of March - I took a life changing decission which is slowly changing My life. Today I have a life and most importantly a will to live. For that I am Forever grateful!


Day 23 almost in the books. :grinning: and made it through two social events unscathed this weekend. Very grateful. Hope all of you are doing well.